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Indoor Water Fountain Powder Coatings
Indoor Water Fountain Powder Coatings

To enhance the ability of your indoor water fountain to fit in with your environment a specialized powder coating process is used. These baked on, durable high quality coatings will stand the test of time and protect your fountain metal trays for years to come against moisture and oxidation. In addition to clear coatings, many different colors can be used and there are also many different fountain stone colors available. Some of the most common colors are Copper Vein, bronze silverado and Textured Black. There is also a full palette of custom indoor water fountain colors and metal styles that can be used which will enable you to achieve almost any look you may desire.


The Bronze color was introduced primarily to complement a trend in modern faucet design and coloring. This finish has a distinctive look that sets in apart from the other copper-like finishes and the coloring tends to look more modern and contemporary then Copper Vein. Take a look at the Whispering Creek Fountain with Bronze Finish.

Copper Vein

Copper Vein is has a primarily copper color and is popular with customers who like the look of copper but want a more uniform look. Rustic Copper has swirls and designs within the metal that many customers do not prefer, so the next available option for a more smooth low-key appearance is Copper Vein. This finish is offered standard on a Whispering Creek Wall Fountain model, however it can also be ordered on any fountain for a small upcharge. Take a look at the Sunrise Springs with Copper Vein style for an example of what this color looks like on a wall fountain.

Textured Black

The Textured Black coating enables many indoor water fountains to match exceptionally well with modern furnishings. Black has the unusual ability to blend in well with almost any color scheme and it is a safe color and tends to resist looking odd. Many people like black because you have a good idea of what the final finish may appear like even when ordering off the internet, while other color can have subtle tones that can vary depending on your color monitor and computer settings. Black also has a distinctive formal look that exudes understated elegance. The Teton Falls indoor fountain with Textured Black finish is a good example to look at with this color.


For those who cannot find a color in the standard powder coating styles there is the option of ordering a custom fountain in almost any color. This process will require reviewing the catalog from the paint manufacturer and selecting a paint which will be ordered especially for your waterfall project. This custom process will take more time then an in stock color, but the wait is worth it for the discerning customer.

Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic is a great alternative to traditional Stainless Steel. This finish enables a customer to achieve the metallic look of silver without the shine and gloss you would usually get with un-coated Stainless Steel. This finish resembles a heavy brushed metal, but the trade off is that is does not appear as bare metal to the keen observer. A good example of this finish can be seen on the Whispering Creek indoor water fountain where this finish comes as a standard option.

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