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Place Indoor Fountains Optimally To Attract Good Fortune
Indoor Water Fountains And Good Fortune

Indoor fountains have long been symbols of abundance and good fortune. Water nourishes our crops which provide us with food and enables us to live healthy lives and achieve prosperity. People realized this and began to place an indoor fountain into their homes. Feng Shui began with the development of agriculture in ancient China to direct beneficial energy inherent in the elements into everyday tasks and common spaces.

Feng means wind and Shui means water. the factors contributing to proper placement of an indoor fountain come from the geography of the landscape and the flow of life force energy known as Chi. Chi is retained by water and carried and dispersed by wind. Chi is strongly present where water flows.

Indoor fountains can have a beneficial effect on the circulation of Chi in an interior setting. When Chi flows smoothly we are happy and abundance and god fortune are attracted to the area. Fountain also have many practical benefits and can help remove airbourne dust particles from the air in enclosed spaces.

Jeera Slate Stone also known as Zeera or Jeera Green Slate is a hard-wearing waterproof and rot proof stone which is actually Quartzite. In huge demand, Jeera is ideally suited for decorative applications due to its exotic color and unique texture. Characteristic to Jeera Slate is its diamond like sparkle and twinkle which comes from its mineral content including Quartz, Mica and occasionally Garnet and Pyrite.

Rainforest Marble is not technically a Marble, it's a Serpentinite. Serpentinite is a rock composed predominantly of one or more serpentine minerals and is known for its healing qualities. Commercially though, Rainforest Green and Brown are sold as a Marble. The name "Rainforest" comes from the distinctive veining that looks like tree branches or a "rainforest jungle". This particular marble is very strong and characteristics in veining and movement will tend to vary greatly between stones. Both Rainforest Brown and Green come from the same quarry in Rajasthan, India. Rainforest Green is a very unique extravagant looking Marble consisting of rich earthy green tones and deep brown veining. Rainforest Brown boasts earthy shades of warm brown, lush gold and gray. This stone has deep reddish brown and white veining.

Natural stone varies in color due to the different hues of the natural particles that make up the product. These wall fountain stones are natural and vary in color, intensity and veining. Photos are provided as an indication only. It is the variation in natural stone that makes each fountain quite unique. Since this product is natural stone, color and texture variances are not defects within the material, but are inherent to it and part of the natural beauty of quarried materials. Our natural stone slabs are imported from quarries worldwide. These water fountains contain stunning slices of the natural world.

Placement Of An Indoor Fountain

Placing a fountain indoors is very much a modern day practice with ancient principals. There are some important factors to consider when placing your water features around your space. The front door is important in Feng Shui. It is the main entrance a house and whatever energy comes through effects the rest of the house, the people in it and your fortune. To protect the front door from being hurt by unwholesome energy have a water feature positioned nearby. When placed on the left near to your front door the water feature can bring good luck. Never have a water feature facing out of your home or office or have water on both sides of your main door.

There are three directions which can benefit from water, the east, southeast and north. To enhance luck position your water feature in the southeast area of your home or office. Make sure that your water, river, ponds, or drains are in full view of the front door as much as possible.

It is not advisable to place a water fountain in the south which is connected to fame and reputation as well as the fire element. Moving water is more masculine Yang while still water is more feminine Yin. In general never put Yang water into an environment where there needs to be Yin energy, and vice versa, or it may cause problems. Fast moving water has little place in the bedroom for sleeping. However near the front door Yang water attracts good luck, conversation and lively energy. Anything that holds water can be used by a cash register or where money is collected to symbolize wealth accumulation. Fish bowls and aquariums are excellent for this purpose. With a little planning and forethought they will bring good luck, health and prosperity to the people and places near where they are placed.

Filling Your Indoor Fountains

The type of water used in your fountain is important. We recommend using distilled water for all indoor fountains. Distilled water is water which has undergone a physical process in order to remove particles and minerals which can form and harden over time on fountain surfaces. Distilled water can be purchased easily at most supermarkets for use in your fountain. We suggest keeping some extra on hand to top off your fountain when needed since the water in your fountain will gradually evaporate into the atmosphere.

City tap water has properties which are not beneficial for water features. This formation usually appears as a white mineral scale build up around the edges of where water flows, or over fountain surfaces if the fountain is turned off periodically. This build up is difficult to remove without damaging fountain surfaces or using harsh chemical cleaners which may potentially harm delicate surfaces or protective clear coated fountain parts. In addition, these deposits present in normal tap water can build up quickly inside the water pump where water flows in a narrow channel at a faster rate. These deposits can cause internal pump parts to stop operating smoothly and eventually cause the pump to stop working.

Installing Indoor Wall Fountains

Most wall fountains are made with consumer installation in mind. Detailed printed instructions and in many cases a DVD illustrating correct installation procedure are included. Some assembly is the rule. Fountains must usually be shipped un-assembled to ensure safe transit to you. However, there are wall fountains which can be shipped in one piece which require no assembly. These can be easily hung on the wall like a picture right out of the box. Many water features can be assembled using commonly found tools.

Another essential consideration is electrical supply. An outlet can be placed behind the fountain or the cord can reach down to an already present outlet in the wall. A recessed outlet is sometimes necessary but not always required. Many features now come with low profile cords which can fit into standard wall outlets behind the fountain without having to install a special outlet recessed into the wall.

Indoor water features usually look best when there is ample wall space on all four sides. This leaves some wall space around the waterfall and frames the feature. Also, know the depth of your water fountain from the wall. Wall water features should be placed in an area where they will not interfere with the flow of foot traffic, or be bumped into by people passing by.

Indoor Fountain Placement

Placing floor indoor water fountains in a small area can also have benefits. Fountains can make enclosed spaces seem larger. The water flowing down a flat surface reflects light and a mirrored, glass, or metal face reflects object in the room. When you look at such a water feature it gives the impression of wall depth, as if you are looking through a window or through a doorway to another room.

Floor waterfalls are also a good solution for building where you don't want to permanently attach a water fountain to the existing structure. Water features can be used for business promotion in building entrances to display store logos and as unique cabinets with shelves for products. They do not require wall mounting or alteration of a buildings structure which is a benefit when installing them in a leased or rented property.

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