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Glass Indoor Waterfall
Indoor Waterfall Glass Styles

There are several styles of glass that are commonly used in the construction of indoor waterfalls. Different glass types each have their own unique properties with their own distinguishing characteristics. Three of the most popular glass types are laminated glass, float glass and tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

A laminated glass is made of two or more layers of glass with a inner layer that can be either colored or clear. This inner layer is made of a special substance that strengthens the glass as a whole and adds a safety factor which can help prevent the glass from shattering and braking under stress. The special inner layer can make possible lighting effects and textured looks that appear within the outer two glass sections which you would not otherwise achieve with traditional glass panels.

Float Glass

This type of glass is produced by melting ordinary glass and pouring it into a section of molten tin in a controlled atmosphere with a high nitrogen content. This specialized process forms glass that is almost perfectly smooth on both sides. The ability of both heat and cool the glass very rapidly is what helps to achieve this effect. The rapid heating and cooling also enables the glass to increase in strength so it is several times stronger then ordinary glass, and thus safer to use. If float glass is broken the glass should shatter in small pebble like fragments, rather then long shards, which help prevent it from cutting or injuring people in the event of breakage.

Tempered Glass

Glass which has been tempered is similar to float glass, but it does not have the same smooth and glossy characteristics. Tempered glass will break into small pebble-like sections if broken which makes it safer to use in ordinary applications then regular glass would be.

Indoor waterfalls should always be constructed with some sort of tempered glass. This is important since they are used indoors and need to remain safe in the event of breakage from accidents or earthquakes. There are many textured glass styles that are quite beautiful. Rain glass, storm glass and even colored glass are available. Rain glass has an outer texture that falls vertically down like rain. Storm glass has the same texture but swirls in a circular motion like the air in a storm. Exalted Fountains can help you select a glass and indoor waterfall that fits your needs.

Mirrored Glass

The use of mirrors is another option that has become especially popular recently. Mirrors mix and match quite well with modern decorating trends and are a perfect complement to many minimalist designs we see in modern office buildings and condominiums. The natural reflective ability of mirrors also reflects light through a room and is helpful for keeping inside spaces feeling bright and cheery. The most common mirror used is the standard silver mirror, but other colors have become available that typically need to be special ordered, including rose mirrors, bronze and even green and antique crackle styles. For those who believe in Feng Shui where you put a mirror and water fountain in relation to the rest of your home is very important.

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