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Installing A Wall Fountain
Installing Wall Fountains

Wall fountain installation is done in several steps and can usually be done by the average consumer with basic to advanced handyman skills. There are several steps to the installation process that you should become familiar with before considering installing a fountain on your wall.

Layout and Inventory of Parts

Before beginning any waterfall installation you should carefully unpack and lay out all the parts and determine a suitable location for the fountain. This is beneficial because searching for the parts needed during installation can take a lot of time and things can get lost fumbling around for things if they are not laid out in an organized manner beforehand. After all the parts in the shipment are laid out the packaging should be carefully set aside and not discarded until the installation is complete and the fountain is up and working properly. The next step is to take the packing list and match each part or bag of hardware to the items on the packing list. This approach will ensure you have everything you need. Once we are certain everything needed is present our mind is already put at ease that we can accomplish the install successfully.

Obtaining Tools Needed

One thing which will not be included in the shipment you receive is all the tools needed for installation. Most wall fountains can be installed using a set of commonly found tools which can include items such as a drill with a philips head bit, carpenters level, stud finder, pencil, philips head screw driver, flat head screw driver, chisel, pair of pliers, knife and scissors, tape measure, step stool, a scrap piece of 2x4 or other wood, and good pair of working gloves. Exact tools needed will vary depending on the fountain and the complexity of the project.

Determining Mounting Location

Deciding on a location for your wall fountain must be undertaken before the installation process begins. Most people know the size of the installed waterfall beforehand and have already mapped out an exact location. It can be important to blend the water feature with your architecture and space as well. Water walls ca actually become part of the design and structure of a building when positioned properly. It is also important to use the stud finder to determine what kind of support exists within the wall since you will usually need to anchor the wall bracket into at least one wall stud to support the weight of the waterfall. Some areas to consider with regard to location include:

Wall Types

Your water feature can be hung on a number of different wall types including a wood studded sheet rock wall. But you can hang it on tile, stone, concrete, block, or a sheet rock wall with metal studs.


As a general design idea it is often best to allow enough wall space to properly frame the water feature. Depending on the surrounding d�©cor, you may want to allow for open wall space on all four sides.


The most demanding maintenance requirement associated with the water feature is keeping it full of water. To facilitate maintaining the proper water level we suggest placing the fountain in a location that is easily accessible.


The hood and tray of the water feature project six inches out from the wall. Because of this, if it is placed in a narrow walkway it can act as a barrier to traffic. We suggest placing it in an area that will not interfere with the traffic flow of the room.


The water feature requires 110 volt power and will operate at less than 2 amps. When deciding on the location of your water feature you need to consider a power source. For aesthetic reasons we suggest placing the outlet directly behind the stone. This allows the cord to be hidden from sight. If you are going to have an electrician put in an outlet, we suggest wiring it to a wall switch for ease of turning on and off. The location of the outlet will be discussed later.

Super Easy Installation Models

While many fountains require assembly before install, others feature 'Super Easy Installation' that makes installation as easy as possible. This installation technique makes getting your fountain up and running as easy as 1-2-3. After mounting the bracket on your wall, simply hang the fountain, fill it with water and plug it in. A good example of this type of product is the Nojoqui water sculpture fountain. Most of the handcrafted waterfall such as the Tribal Sunset Wall Water Feature also are made with easy installation in mind. These require zero assembly and no studs. The simple up-over-down installation is a snap and the fact that you don't need to hunt for studs saves time and allows you to install it exactly where you want it allowing you to just mount the bracket, hang the feature and plug it in.

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