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A Tiered Fountain In Lush Surroundings
Interesting Things About Garden Fountains

Outdoor water features should be proportionate in size to the land area and nearby buildings and homes. A pond which is to large will overwhelm onlookers and introduce to much water energy into the area. This excess energy may make it difficult for us to relax and cause us to feel ungrounded. If there is a stream feeding the pond with fresh water or exiting the pond decorate the stream flow with overhanging plants or various shaped stones to slow the water and energy flow. Since water can symbolize many beneficial things including life force, luck and wealth we want to ensure it has a chance to pool and circulate in our area before it exits the garden in a calm happy fashion.

Also, small trickling streams flowing towards the house are viewed as especially beneficial. A lot of the philosophy around garden and landscape water is derived from Chinese philosophy which can see a small stream as stronger over time then a large river. What is mature is on the cusp of waning and winding down, while what is young is approaching a period of maturity and strength.

Fountains And Pathways

One of the most practical features of both modern and ancient gardens is the pathway. Pathways enable us to travel through a garden without damaging the delicate soil and plants there. Pathways must fit fell into the overall garden design or they will detract from the energy of the garden and the feelings of relaxation and enjoyment we get there. One of the best ways of ensuring that pathways work optimally is to use them together with fountains. Some techniques of building garden pathways can help us better understand how and why paths are used in the garden and how we can use these techniques together with water features for the garden to create a beautiful outdoor oasis.

Paths usually either start or end at a gate, fence or door. A straight path will direct us to strongly from place to place and will not give us time to enjoy our garden surroundings along the way. The best way we can cure a straight path would be to place a large tiered cascading garden water feature directly in the path, perhaps with some space around the fountain for people to walk. A round fountain such as this will cascade water 360 degrees which will be viewable from all sides, block direct consideration of the end of the path and will probably slow people down as they stop to appreciate the beauty and sound of the waterfall. Pond lights can also be added to the fountain which will provide a beautiful nighttime display and also help illuminate the path for safety.

Paths that curve and meander through the garden are preferred over straight paths. As they gently transverse the garden a curving path gives us a better view of garden features from multiple angles. Garden pond fountains are great to place along curves of a meandering pathway. On configurations such as these the energy along the path can gently spin off the outer curves into ponds of water and facilitate such water receptacles with good energy for meditation and contemplation.

Turning Ordinary Into Extrodinary

Water features can turn an ordinary backyard or front yard into a relaxing environment that soothes all of your senses. Landscape fountains are so welcome in every yard. These amazing additions can bring life and motion to your front yard or garden. Garden landscape fountains engage the senses with soothing sound. Fountains for landscaping can also can enhance the look of your garden or patio and that is the biggest reason why you need a fountain in your yard or landscaped area. Remember that outdoor garden fountains are created to accentuate your landscape, not to overtake it. With that in mind, consider which areas you enjoy the best. A strategy when decorating with outdoor water fountains is to surround them with some type of greenery of foliage. This will give your outdoor fountain an air of natural, unspoiled beauty that it would not have if it were sitting alone.

To make your fountain the focal point of the patio, a tiered model is ideal. Small fountains are the perfect fit for many landscapes. the sound of running water produces a calming affect for guests while still offering a visual treat. Create charming appeal and soothing sounds in your garden with a traditional tiered fountain. Fountains made from concrete, such as this tiered variety pictured to the left, easily withstand the elements and can be found in a plethora of sizes to ensure that it will fit in your landscape.

If you want to grow natural moss on your garden waterfall quickly an excellent technique is to brush the fountain surface with active yogurt culture and place the waterfall in a shady area. A moss laden waterfall for your garden will make your home decor look timeless and ancient and give your garden a lot of character.

Landform Feng Shui Tips And Techniques

Water is one of the most auspicious elements we can add to our outdoor garden setting. Whenever we have garden water features we must be careful to direct the water flow so it is a benign influence rather then a destructive or troublesome one.

Many larger gardens have some sort of stream or pool of water. A moving stream of water is an excellent accumulator of Chi energy. When we have a moving source of water we will want to ensure that it takes a winding meandering course through our garden. Such a winding course resembles a dragon which is one of the strongest creatures in Asian philosophy representing good luck and triumph over demons.

In some situations we cannot alter the water flow or volume of a stream for practical reasons. In such situations we can use outdoor fountains, garden statues and other accents to purify the energy created by the moving water. Ornamental stones placed on either side of a river or stream where it enters the property are called 'guardian stones'. these protective stones indicate that the water is entering an area meant to benign, peaceful and beneficial for those who dwell there.

A bridge or stepping stones across a stream will energetically slow the water flow and enable the stream to distribute beneficial energy into the garden, rather then carry it away. Practically, such accents also enable visitors to cross the water and become much closer and more intimate with it then standing on the shore would be.

The point at which water exits off your property is an important one. Water exit points should have things like plants, trees and even lanterns which acknowledge the exiting water, but also make a statement lamenting and respecting it's exit.

Types Of Garden Fountains

Garden fountains are a welcome addition to a backyard, courtyard or garden. They provide a wonderful ambient sound and add visual appeal to your outdoor space with a wonderful display of cascading water in different designs. With all the different styles and types of materials there is sure to be a garden fountain available for anyone's style or budget.

The most traditional type of garden fountain is the tiered style. This style is best in a large garden since it tends to take up a lot of space. the tiered style allows water to cascade from higher levels to lower ones and works well placed in the center of a garden. Ornamental outdoor fountains also work well placed in the center because of their showy attractiveness. These fountains often contain sculptures, such as woman dancing and cherubs as well as animals and flowers.

Containers of various styles have long been a staple of house and garden decor. Pots, containers and other decorative receptacles have many practical as well as aesthetic benefits. these containers are used to hold soil for plants in areas where they cannot be planted directly into the ground, for flowers that need careful watering and to accent home patios and stone walkways.

Container style outdoor fountains are also very widely used. these types of garden accents may have some water bubbling a the top, but the main characteristic of a water container fountain is to hold water in a quiet and still manner without a lot of noise or water motion. Some garden vase containers have open areas the serve as miniature ponds which will hold water quietly when the fountain is turned off. Watching a breeze ripple across the still water in a garden container water feature can be very pleasant and relaxing.

Water Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which means ‘wind and water’, is a complicated subject that can take a lifetime to study and master. The principals of Feng Shui are relevant to the placement and use of water features in the home and garden. Even if we may not have a full understanding of Feng Shui, there are easy and simple techniques we can use.

Keep an eye on the general color tones of bright and dark when decorating or adding accents like water fountains to your indoor areas. To many bright or dark objects will skew the energy of a room towards Yin or Yang and cause the energy there to be too strong. Even if it is the right sort of energy, for example Yang and active for an office or Yin and passive for a bedroom, too much will hinder the work there and make it difficult to work or sleep. Try to create a balance between the two extremes slightly skewed towards the work or energy you want to achieve in the area.

Try to keep the positive Chi created from garden fountains, ponds or bodies of water from escaping outwards from your house or yard. If you have a river or stream on your property water flowing past the back of the property suggests missed opportunities. Try to have the water follow a meandering course rather then flowing off your property like an arrow taking beneficial energy with it.

Garden Fountain Shapes

To make your fountain the focal point of the patio, a tiered model is ideal. Small fountains are the perfect fit for many landscapes. The sound of running water produces a calming affect for guests while still offering a visual treat. Fountains made from concrete can withstand the elements and can be found in a plethora of sizes to ensure that it will fit in your landscape. Be sure to choose a fountain that will fit with your outdoor decor.

Fountains create a downward cascade of water in different ways. When deciding on a fountain shape pay particular attention to how the water flows over the material surface. A fountain that cascades water over a smooth surface like a pillar or sphere will look very different from one that flows it off a rim through the air and into a lower section. The sound will also be very different; in the above example the latter case being much louder then the former one.

A surface or sphere with a textured or ridged surface will generate more sound and produce a frothy rapids look in the water, while a completely smooth one will be much more calm and serene. A tier with fluted, notched or channeled edges will flow water off in rivulets rather then the random cascade we get with a smooth edge. Don't forget to consider the fountain as a whole and parts such as lion heads or small holes that produce separate streams of water.

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