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Water fountains are a pleasant addition to your garden
Introducing Natural Ambiance With Water Fountains

According to Chinese philosophy water is an excellent accumulator of beneficial life energy. This makes perfect sense because water is necessary to maintain life. To have water is to have life, luck and enhancing energy in your area. Water should be used wisely in your garden since it is a powerful element, placed in proper proportion to the area and situated in beneficial directions. Ponds and fountains are two methods through which we can introduce good luck into our gardens.

Some of the most beautiful sights and sounds of nature can be found outdoors. People flock from all over to enjoy these features because they are relaxing, rejuvenating and beautiful. Among the most popular attractions are water features, which typically include waterfalls, fountains, lakes, streams and rivers that offer both beauty as well as recreational opportunities. One thing in common these attractions have is the natural use of water which soothes and provides an excellent respite from the everyday environment of many working people. The reason water features have become so popular as consumer items is because they bring the sights and sounds of nature to areas which lack the beauty and ambiance of relaxing outdoor environments with water. The most popular of these items in recent years has been the garden fountains, wall fountains and custom designed indoor water features.

Garden fountains are an easy way to introduce tranquility and beauty to any size garden setting. These products range in size from small fountains that can adorn terraces and patios all the way to large pond fountains for the garden that can weigh tons and require large amounts of ground space. The production of a waterfall, though possible, is not an easy task for most landscapers. For this reason, the purchase of a stock fountain offers an easy alternative to a project which could otherwise take weeks or months and considerable expense to accomplish.

Among the styles of outdoor water features available we find pond fountains, tiered styles and abstract sculptures with water as part of the design. Each category has its own unique style and for this reason it is fairly easy to discover one that appeals particularly to you and your garden. ExaltedFountains.Com has hundreds of these garden fountains in their online catalog which can be ordered in a wide range of colors. These products are consumer friendly and come complete with setup and maintenance instructions. Also includes is the pump, tubing and hardware needed, which will save you much time if you plan on installing the fountain yourself and don't have access to these things the way a professional landscaper or gardener would.

Although introducing water features into outdoor areas is important if you like the natural ambiance and relaxing benefits that water can provide, using these features indoors is equally beneficial. Many people spend much of their days inside due to work or other reasons. Indoor fountains are made to address this situation and bring the benefits of flowing water indoors.

Wall fountains have become extremely popular items due to the effectiveness they have in mimicking a naturally flowing waterfall on just about any wall. The unique designs make use of a variety of natural materials composed of real slate, marble and granite paired aesthetically with copper, Stainless Steel and powder coated metals to fit in well with decor from rustic to modern. Most recently the introduction of mirrors and colorful LED lights has added a new dimension of excitement to the time tested popularity of natural stone coupled with soft white halogen lighting.

The great thing about wall fountains is the well thought out and researched design that conceals the electrical and mounting apparatus behind the stone, so all you see is the attractive metal frame, stone or mirror and the flowing water. It appears as if your wall has transformed into a waterfall. If you had not installed the water feature yourself you may never realize how the sculpture sits on the wall using special wall mounted rackets to disperse the weight over a wide area. You would also not at first realize how the water sculpture draws power from a concealed electrical wall outlet positioned behind the stone.

The larger rock wall fountains like the Solace Falls and Deep Creek Falls are most impressive because they take up almost the entire wall and it is hard to determine where the water originates, or where the waterfall starts and where the wall ends. This illusion is a product of all the tubing and mechanical aspects of the feature being artfully concealed from view. This effect is what produces much of the wonder and amazement of the wall waterfall viewing experience. Just like in nature, the larger waterfalls are often more awe inspiring then the smaller ones.

Custom water fountains take water feature production to a whole new level. Custom designs enable consumers, designers, architects and builders to tailor the look of their installations to their specific requirements. For some spaces a stock size will just not do. It is common for buildings and large companies to have a great deal of capital invested in a brand which includes a public image which is a significant factor in the financial well-being of a for profit enterprise. For such reasons, it is worth the extra expenditure to design a water fountain that accurately reflects the shapes, colors and personality of the company or building in which it is installed. This is such an important factor, that in the majority of cases a designer or architect that is hired by the company will already know they require and will be in possession of detailed computer assisted drawings (CAD) which the fountain manufacturer will refer to in constructing the final product.

The custom design process is never as simple as it appears. Usually there are limitations to manufacturing equipment or engineering issues that will require revisions of the drawings which it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to divulge. These revisions are part of the custom design process and is a significant reason why custom projects take a good deal of time, sometimes stretching over several months. For these reasons, custom water features also require a good deal of communication and cooperation between parties. Custom projects will typically be assigned to a dedicated company representative that establishes rapport with a client and acts as the primary contact between multiple parties involved in the project which can include designers, end clients, and contractors, to name just a few.

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