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Leaky Trays Can Be Fixed
Leaky Trays On Indoor Wall Fountains

We get questions from a few of our customers about water dripping out of the back of their tray. During this article I will discuss some of the reasons that might be happening and how to troubleshoot those problems.

Many indoor wall fountains contain a plastic liner to hold the water. These plastic liners are heat formed and welded at each seam to ensure they never leak. During the manufacturing process each one is tested two times to ensure that they are water tight. If you have a tray it is dripping a little bit of water there is a very easy way to determine if the tray is faulty or if you have simply over filled it and the water is leaking from between the plastic liner and the decorative metal.

First, remove all the water from the tray. Second, remove the tray from the wall and turn it upside down to allow the water to drain from in between the plastic liner the decorative metal. You need to leave it like this for about twenty four hours to assure that all of the water has evaporated.

While we are talking about it want to mention that it's very important that you never remove the plastic liner from the decorative metal. If that happens not only do you void your warranty but you are very likely to damage the liner and the decorative metal beyond repair.

After allowing the tray to dry for twenty four hours it is then time to water test. Set the tray on a level surface and fill it with water. Be sure we fill to not over fill the plastic liner and let it sit full of water for a few minutes. If the tray in the plastic liner are faulty it will begin to leak immediately. If it does not leak and holds water it is very likely that your original dripping was caused because you over filled it. If you have any further questions please feel free to call customer service to discuss a manufacturer's warranty claim.

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