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Fountain In The Garden
Lighting Garden Fountains

The lighting of garden fountains adds to the appeal of these outdoor products. Outdoor fountain lighting is very different from lighting an indoor water feature. One reason why lighting is nice is because we must keep in mind that outdoor fountains typically run 24 hours a day. If we fail to illuminate them during the night and evening hours we miss out on a significant amount of time which we could be using enjoying the water show. Also, for residential installations many people will be away from the fountain during the day due to employment responsibilities and daily tasks. What a disappointment it would be to return home in the late afternoon or evening and not be able to see the beautiful fountain you have so thoughtfully considered and installed.

If we have determined that lighting our fountains is a good idea the next question should be: How do I light my fountain?

Submersible LED Light Kit For Garden Fountains

A submersible underwater light kit is an excellent method of lighting up our outdoor fountains and can be used in conjunction with many different garden fountain styles. When we light the water from underneath we get a unique illumination that is wholly different and much more through and intimate then we could achieve with an external lighting source. Submersible lights are made to be used safely underwater and are typically low voltage so you do not have to worry about undue energy consumption. This is especially true with the new LED bulbs on the LED light kit which use very little electricity and the bulbs last many hours far outlasting the halogen pond lights we have seen in the past. The LED bulbs also come with color changing capability so we can change the color of the lights and water and we will find that the entire fountain becomes a new work of art and exudes a quite different feel when we change light color. Most usually we see the lights positioned within the pond section if we have a pond fountain or used in conjuction with a pond coping. This positioning gives the best overall effect and also highlights the water cascade into the biggest water section at the bottom. We can also place several lights on the tiers above the pond and at the tip of the fountain if we want to light up the whole display which is quite beautiful when seen at night and can be observed at quite a distance in the darkness.

External Outdoor Fountain Lighting

If we do not wish to use submersible lighting or the shape of our fountain is not conductive to this we can always opt for using external lighting. Such can be the case with very modern shaped fountain features which often do not have space to place lights or lack the traditional pond sections that we see with the more traditional styles. When using external lighting always make sure the lights are far enough away from the fountain so they do not get wet and make sure they are waterproof outdoor lights since they may potentially be exposed to water and rain. External lights also have the capability to have colored light and can come with fitting colored lenses to change the color and be of the soft diffused light or spotlight variety.

Installing Lights On A Garden Fountain

The installation of lights on a garden fountain need not be difficult and will need to be considered in conjuction with the main outdoor water feature installation since the lighting parts need to be installed during the initial process to prevent you having to disassemble and reinstall the pieces. The lights will require an electrical source and therefore will have a cord that should be routed appropriately and remain out of sight. The routing of the light electrical cord is usually done using a conduit that will safely and effectively direct the cord from the bulbs and outside the fountain. There is most often a central channel within the fountain parts that can be used to route the cord along with the cord for the pump, which both need to be sourced to electrical power which is located away from the fountain, usually at a building or other structure nearby.

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