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Lighting Outdoor Fountains

An important thing to consider when using outdoor fountains is lighting. Lighting is important because most outdoor installations function 24 hours a day. This makes them very pleasant and the water sound can be heard during both the day and night hours. Without some sort of lighting, a fountain would not be visible for over one half the time it was running and this would be quite a waste for both the purchaser of the fountain as well as for those who would enjoy seeing it. Lighting kits are commonly available, affordable and easy to install on an outdoor fountain, so there is no reason why a fountain can't be enjoyed both day and night.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

Currently on the market as a lighting option are submersible LED lighting kits that can be used under the water. This submersible technology enables the lights to be placed a the bottom of pond reservoirs and within the tiers that contain water on cascading fountains. This underwater positioning allows the light to shine directly up onto the falling water cascade for maximum luminosity. This lighting angle is much more effective then directing light onto the water from other angles. LED lights can be used with lenses that allow the color to be changed. The use of varying colored lights on an outdoor fountain is an exciting change from the standard white we usually see.

A lighting kit will require electricity, although some solar lights are available on the market. A source for power will already be ready in the majority of cases since this would be required to run the water pump that re-circulates the fountain water. The ready supply of power and channels for the pump cord make adding a lighting kit easier then would otherwise be the case. The cord that powers the lighting kit can in most cases be routed out and to the power supply together with the pump cord. On an aesthetically pleasing fountain these cords are routed through the bottom of the lower pond or pillar section. In some fountains this exit hole is at the side, and on others it exits from the lower section so it can be routing it under the ground completely concealing it from view. The lighting and pump cords can usually be routed together and if necessary secured together using twistix or plastic line ties.

Led lighting kits are available in 1, 3 and 4 pack combinations which will work with most fountain sizes. One-bulb kits work well for simple reservoirs commonly seen on garden wall fountains. The 3-bulb kit works well on round tiered Fountain Catalogs and reservoir ponds because bulbs in the quantity give a good balance of light in spherical shapes. The 4-bulb kit is useful for reservoir styles where there are four different sections and each quadrant needs it's own light in order to look correct and balanced. The lighting kits are available from Exalted Fountains, Llc for $75, $119 and $149 respectively.

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