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Water Features Require Periodic Maintenance
Maintenance And Cleaning Of Water Features

There are certain things you must do to insure your water features operate optimally. Indoor water features generally require minimal maintenance. The main task is keeping your water feature full of water. You water feature acts as a natural humidifier. The running water slowly evaporates into the atmosphere and must be refilled periodically depending upon how often it is run and the general climate of the location. The running water will also over time remove airborne particles and dust from the air. It's important to not let your waterfall run empty or the water pump will burn out and not operate.

When cleaning the metal portion of your indoor water fountains we suggest using a non-abrasive cleaner with ammonia in it. Most window or glass cleaner works well. Over time, if your stone color dulls or you begin to develop hard water build up, turn off the water fountain and scrub the stone vigorously with a firm bristled acrylic brush. This should remove most of the build up. If it does not the stone may require a more aggressive cleaning with Lime-A-Way or CLR. Don't scrub or clean logos with chemicals or it may remove the paint. Make sure to rinse of any cleaners before you finish so the chemicals do not move into the circulating fountain water. Using distilled water generally prevents or greatly slows this type of buildup.

Sometimes algae may form in water features that are placed in direct sunlight or near a window or door which is often open. If it does occur it can manifest as a slight slime or unfresh water smell. A few drops of bleach once or twice a month is all that is needed to combat this occurrence. Never use more then a few drops or it will dull the stone, create a chlorine smell and void all warranties. There are also solutions you can find online which prohibit algae in water features. Once or twice a year we recommend a full fountain cleaning. All the water from the water tray can be removed and wiping the tray out, scrubbing down the stone with an acrylic brush and taking apart the water distribution unit and cleaning it. Exalted Fountains offers a wide variety of water features which are easy to clean and maintain.

* These are general care tips. For exact instructions please refer to the documentation for your specific water fountain.

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