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Wall Fountains Influence The Perception Of Space In A Room
Wall Water Fountains And Space Perception

Most of us spend most of our day and night indoors. The decor and arrangement of this inside space has a profound impact on our daily lives and in a true sense effects our moods, how we work and our interactions with those whom we come into contact. One of the things that effects us the most is the physical available space we have in which to move. To small of a space can feel constricting. There are some simple tips that have been used for quite awhile to effect how our minds perceive space. These tricks actually work quite well, though we may not be aware of it, even though the available area of the space itself remains unchanged.

If you have ever looked closely at the way rooms are professionally painted you will see a common trick that works to make the ceiling of a room feel taller then it actually is. The technique is to paint the ceiling white and the surrounding walls a slightly darker shade, or just paint everything white. If you have ever seen a ceiling painted in a dark color you will know what I mean by the feeling of oppression and constriction that results from dark colored ceilings.

Another technique can be used to extend the perception of vertical space available is the use of mirrors. Consciously when we look at a mirror we know that there is nothing really beyond the mirrored surface except the reflection of the room. However, unconsciously we perceive another room existing beyond the mirror and the space which it represents. This is part of the reason why a room feels bigger with mirrors on the wall. Mirrored wall fountains are perfect ways to achieve this effect and we also get the added benefit of the water running over the reflective surface and the accent lighting as well which is very romantic.


In addition to adding a mirror indoor fountain style to indoor rooms to make them feel bigger we must also consider the color of the mirror. We should all realize by now how color has a drastic impact on our mood and feelings. The same principals applies to colored light as it does to a colored mirror. Colored lights are being used for therapy to effect moods of patients and help them realize their full potential and overcome depression and other neurosis. We also have another factor at work on a wall fountain which is the LED lighting that also produces varied tones that pairs fountains and colored light.

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