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Slim Style Modern Water Wall
Modern Style Fountains For Something New

Fountains in the modern category attempt to create styles which are entirely new and not seen before. Such fountains have a distinction from either traditional or contemporary styles. Creating a modern style is not as easy as it may appear. By necessity and modern fountain style will also include some contemporary and modern influences and build upon these as much as possible. Otherwise, the style is truly revolutionary and ahead of it's time. Such styles, which appear every now and again, are often so different from those commonly offered that they are outright rejected by the milieu of the day and only become appreciated at a later time. For this reason the truly modern water fountains we encounter are almost always custom built and reflect the imagination of a prospective customer who has other ideas, and the financial means, to bring a unique vision of water to life.

Semi-modern style fountains can be found among the product offerings at Exalted Fountains. We say 'semi-modern' because once anything is put into regular production it ceases to be truly modern in a sense. When products are offered to a mainstream consumer base they take on a contemporary flavor and are perceived as being already accepted and commonly found. There will be one like it somewhere. This is in fact true also from a business perspective. It makes little sense for a business to regularly produce styles which have not been proven to sell in the marketplace. So we will find more modern styles offered as limited product offerings, or more commonly modern custom fountains built for prior customers listed as examples of possible ideas from which the savvy consumer may wish to expand upon. Nevertheless, some stock items are referred to as modern if they differ from the traditional or contemporary line in specific ways. These modern styles use abstract shapes and water flow techniques which are not commonly found and which stimulate the imagination. They stimulate the observer to wonder about the intent and meaning of the fountain and entice them to think and feel out of the bounds of the ordinary.

Modern water fountain styles are for those who are not satisfied by what is, or has been, in the field of water feature design. In fact, some visionary designers have come across limitations in regard to what can be produced from an engineering and manufacturing perspective. Others may desire modern water features that can defy the laws of physics or which cannot be produced using the production facilities available. A couple of modern water feature installations that touch upon this area use sound and light as more active elements then they have been used in the past.

A modern water feature in Japan acts as a curtain of water which responds to the sounds around it. The water stream will produce a sheet of water when activated by a noise sensor which registers sounds like claps, a yell, or car horns nearby. The water flow will be broken up in a precise manner to create pictures or scenes within the water sheet as well. Dancing fountains are another modern water feature idea that are being seen more and more that utilize an elaborate water jet and timing system together with colored lighting where the movement of the water functions in sequence to a musical score. One of the most well known dancing fountain installations are the Fountains of Bellagio in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. There is also one of even greater scope and size, the Dubai Fountain, located in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia.

Whether you desire to stretch the possibilities of modern fountain design, or would rather go with an already established modern style, Exalted Fountains is a great place to start. Exalted Fountains has both garden and indoor fountains with modern styles ranging from wall mounted features to elaborate lighted bubbling walls of water. Exalted Fountains also has access to state of the art production facilities that can help bring your modern vision to life.

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