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Exotic Green Rainforest Marble
New Exotic Stone Wall Fountains

A new line of exotic stone wall fountains has just been introduced. This line of wall mounted styles makes use of exotic stone slabs and premium metal finishes. Most of the current stone types are used in addition to a new material, absolute black granite, which incorporates ridges into the face material running horizontally across the stone surface. These ridges give an increased appearance of movement and texture to the water and generate unique wave designs within the water flow.

A characteristic of the new line is the use of LED lighting on all models. LED lighting has become standard on these wall fountains, rather then an upgrade options like on prior designs. The LED bulbs last much longer then halogen bulbs, use less electricity and are safer.

We will find beautiful exotic stones used including Rajah Earth Slate, Jerra Green Slate, Brown and Green Rainforest Marbles and Textured Absolute Black Granite. The Rainforest Marbles have been much in demand due to their novelty, beauty and relative recent introduction compared to traditional slate models. The name 'Rainforest' probably derives from the intricate lines that appear through the stone which resemble vines or the type of dangling or intertwining plant life you would come across in an exotic rainforest. The veining within the marble is in fact the result of solidified or petrified vegetation and roots that have become part of the stone through years of pressure, in essence becoming fossilized through the passage of time and natural force.

One of the things which has not become available on the new line is the option to choose between squared and rounded frame styles. All the new fountains are currently being made with only squared frame cornering. In the future rounded corners may become available.

The new classic slab wall mounted designs are composed of solid heavyweight stones. These natural pieces of stone are cut using a 'chipped edge' technique to make the slab appear more natural as it hangs on the wall. 'Chipped edge' means that the vertical edges are not cut completely straight as you would expect them to be if cut by a saw or diamond coated blade. Rather, after the stone is cut, small pieces are chipped off the edge to make it appear rough and uneven so it appears like the stone would look if it were found naturally in nature or if it had separated from a larger piece of rock of it's own accord. Chipped edges give a more rustic feeling and some people prefer the natural look of rough edges over the smooth ones that have a more modern and contemporary look.

One of the things you won't have to worry about when shopping for a home waterfall is getting it to you safely and easily. Shipping can cause some customers to be uneasy. This trepidation is understandable because here we are dealing with an item that is a significant investment for many people that can run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This item will be delivered by a third party. However, much refinement and care has gone into packing these items for safe transit during delivery. In addition, full insurance against damage in transit is always included so you can be sure that in the event of damage there are procedures in place to safeguard your purchase. Just be sure to inspect the item before you accept delivery and refuse to accept and sign for the delivery if the product is damaged. Refusing a delivery makes it possible for the shipment to be returned free of charge and a replacement sent to you with minimal hassle and fuss. Fortunately, damaged items are rare and not something you will encounter very often.

You won't need to worry about shipping cost when considering these new water features. The cost of freight can be significant for heavy and large items like these made of stone and metal. Of course, delivery and transport of large items does cost money, but it is important to know what to expect when contemplating a large purchase. For this reason the average delivery cost has been built into the pricing of the water features which include free shipping. This enables you to know the complete costs of the item beforehand without having to ask for freight quotes on each product you may be considering. It also respects you as a customer by not adding freight charges after your purchase or by tacking on added fees at the end you may not be aware of.

The new waterfalls using exotic stones are an assemblage of diverse designs of self-contained re-circulating systems designed for residential and office use. These new products are constructed with the same attention to detail, design and quality as you will find in the custom made units. The wall fountain design is both classic and enduring. The wall mounted style creates a beautiful focal point that does not take up valuable floor space.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal indoor waterfalls have been identified as stress relievers. Research has proven that the sounds of a water walls can relax the mind and improve mood, which can in return reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. Indoor water features have humidifying elements that can benefit you. The air within enclosed environments like homes and businesses can become very dry and stale. This particularly true in climates where air conditioning and eating systems are used on a regular and continuous basis and fresh air is not allowed to circulate in sufficiently. A water feature will gradually and continually release moisture into the air through evaporation. These moist particles will attach to heavy particles floating in the air, sometimes referred to as 'free radicals', and make them heavier, thus drawing them down towards the floor. The result is that the air feels fresher, cleaner and more refreshing.

Mounting the waterfalls to the wall is setup to be as simple and hassle-free as possible. Installation and assembly can be performed by anyone with the necessary tools, time and carpenter skills. The easy to follow instructions included with fountain shipments offer step-by-step procedures for successful installation. In fact. the parts of the waterfall are specifically made and shaped to mount into the standard wall studs, spacing and materials used in residential and commercial building construction.

All the new water fountains come standard as re-circulating systems so you don't need to worry about plumbing or adding water lines. They can all be filled by hand and maintained by adding distilled water on a regular basis. Just pour water into the tray or down the waterfall surface, being careful not to overfill the tray beyond the recommended level.

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