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Cubic Scupper Fountain For The Garden
Introducing New Scupper Fountains For The Garden

The new Scupper Fountains are made from real crushed stone blended with resin and reinforced with fiberglass for added strength. This reinforcement and composite technique gives these water features a durability that enables them to stand up well to inclement weather and outdoor conditions.

The composite material used for these garden products looks and feels similar to real stone. The color finishes used incorporate color throughout the material. The material basis used is comparable to concrete. The four color choice finishes available are named Autumn Leaf, Sandstone, Speckled Granite and Tan. When ordering these items online there are four color finish swatches available in picture format for review that are taken from actual finished fountains. This review process should assist in the determination of which color will fit best into the garden or outdoor area in which installation will take place.

The material used to fabricate the Scupper water fountains is comparable to concrete, but has added advantages. The lightweight of the material enables easier handling, requires less labor during installation and results in a reduced shipping cost. These garden features are also sealed with a UV resistant matte sealant.

One significant factor that is new with these recently introduced items is the installation requirements. It is recommended that the Scupper water features be professionally installed by a pool or fountain installation company who is qualified and has experience with concrete fittings and sealants. The plumbing that is included on many of the other garden fountains is not included with the new Scupper models. A customer will need to provide their own plumbing, water line, water pump and water line during installation. The installer will also need to drill their own hole in the basin and seal it with an appropriate grommet to ensure it is water tight. The basins can be filled with soil, sand, river stones and other accents that will add weight to the feature and provide a solid foundation, if desired.

The Cubic Scupper

The Cubic Scupper Garden Fountain is available in four sizes of 24", 30". 36" and 42". The cubicle design has picturesque edges at straight angles and water flows up into the reservoir (when appropriately plumbed) and out one side through a trough shaped channel. This design is perfect for a poolside water feature or a pond side accent. The water will pour into the pool or pond producing an attractive display and great sound. It would be relatively simple to route a water line from the pond or pool through the bottom of the fountain. The main water supply would act as a water reservoir and a concealed pump would re-circulate water continually through the fountain.

The Cubic Scupper looks great standard, but also has the unique capability to incorporate a planter into the center. The planter has the same cubic shape as the fountain reservoir, but is raised up, effectively making the feature a two tiered design rather then a single tiered one. However, there is no trough or water held in the planter section, rather it can be filled with soil, plants or flowers achieving a beautiful effect with the water running underneath. The planter sits on a riser and places easily into the lower reservoir basin.

The Roman Scupper

The Roman Scupper Fountain is available in 24", 30" and 36" diameter sizes. This water feature functions just like the Cubic style with a built-in water trough and the requirements for plumbing and professional installation. The Roman Scupper features a round bowl shape and the outside face has rounded ridges in a Roman style. This fountain is also available in the four colored finishes of Sandstone, Speckled Granite, Autumn Leaf and Tan. There is no option for a planter in the Roman style.

The Cubic and Roman Scupper design fountains for the garden have just been introduced into the available product line at Exalted Fountains. These new products will require professional installation due to the complexity and needed parts involved. The four choices of colored finish, optional planter on the Cubic model and flowing water trough they would look great in any poolside or garden setting.

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