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Garden Fountain With Pond
Fountain Ponds Make A Delightful Addition To Your Garden

A garden setting invariably has some sort of water feature in it. This can be a fountain, pond or waterfall. Any water addition will help create a peaceful ambiance in the garden because they are beautiful to look at and produce soothing sounds that are restful to hear. One of the easiest ways of creating ambiance with water is to add a garden pond fountain.

Garden Ponds and Fountains

Sprucing up your existing ponds with the beauty of moving water has never been easier. The way many of the garden fountains are manufactured enables them to be made 'plumbed for pond'. What this means is that the bottom section of a fountain can be left accessible in a manner as to work when placed in an existing body of water.The fountain must be specifically requested upon order if you choose to use it in this manner. 'Plumbed for pond' means using a fountain that is normally self-contained for use in an existing body of water. Most often these made to order water features can be constructed in this way at no additional charge. You do not need to specify 'plumbed for pond' if the fountain you are ordering already is purchased with it's own one piece pond section, or as part of a fountain pond coping setup because it will already be made to work within these conditions.

Garden pond fountain setup is just like any other outdoor fountain. The top portion that produces the waterfall effect must rest on a solid concrete pad underneath the water surface to prevent it from falling over. This support can also consist of a metal housing or metal lattice under the water that will stabilize the fountain as it rests in the water. A third option would be to order the fountain as it comes with the lower concrete reservoir section and just set the entire assembly in the water with the rim of the reservoir below the pond water surface. In such a setup the fountain will use the pond water supply and the lower reservoir section will act to help support the upper fountain components. The water in the pond will need to be shallow enough to enable the reservoir to sit on the earth and still enable the upper fountain cascade to be visible above the water surface. If the pond is too deep supporting the reservoir would be difficult as this is one of the heaviest components and should therefore always have solid ground or concrete padding directly underneath.

Water jests are probably the most commonly used pond water features. Water is forced up under pressure with pipes and a fountain nozzle. These nozzles come in many different designs and the shape of the nozzle where the water exits will determine the shape of the water jet. Water jests can be seen in ponds in many artistic designs like bubbling pillars, bell arcs, thin translucent water walls, and even jets that move and dance in intricate timed displays complete with music and lighting.

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