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Running Outdoor Garden Fountain
Outdoor Garden Fountains And Birdbaths

By getting an outdoor garden fountain we are usually obtaining a birdbath a the same time. The fountain pond section, if present, acts as a body of water that attracts birds of all types to your garden and fountain. If you have a tiered or multi-level fountain design the sound of the water will be heard by birds at a distance and become a welcoming oasis that will enable birds to cool off and enjoy a welcome respite from the summer heat.

Birds In The Garden

Many people enjoy having birds in the garden. Some of the things that bird life brings with it are pleasant chirping sounds and these creatures are also enjoyable to watch as they bathe in the fountain water and flutter about on a sunny day. A traditional bird bath is usually made of a shallow basin with still water. Most birds have tiny legs that makes it difficult to land in water which is to deep. The shallowness of the water on a fountain tier is what enables birds to stand in the water and clean themselves by quickly fluttering their wings. With a deeper reservoir like on a fountain you will usually find birds that land on the edges of the fountain where the water is falling because the water here is very shallow and they can stand and use the cascading water in a similar manner to a shower.

Animals That Enjoy Fountains

Some of the most obvious animals that we see enjoying outdoor fountains are birds, however, there are many other creatures in particular that also are fascinated by the water. If we watch carefully we may see cats, dogs and even squirrels drinking from fountain water.

It is a well known fat that cats prefer drinking from a moving and circulating water source over one that is still and stagnant. The reason for this preference is instinctual. Moving water is more likely to be clean when found in a natural environment. Stagnant or still water has more potential to harbor microbes and bacteria that result from it sitting for long periods of time without being flushed by an incoming water supply. Dogs will also drink fountain water and sometimes even jump into the pond if it is big enough and this occurs quite commonly in some public parks and gardens. People usually know better then to swim in outdoor fountains, but they do like to toss coins into the water. This is an old tradition when you make a wish and toss coins into the water and the wish is believed to come true. Some public fountains are thick with coins on the bottom which does not hurt the fountains. Coins will need to be periodically collected and perhaps the money donated to a worthy charity.

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