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Installed Outdoor Water Feature
Installing An Outdoor Water Feature

Installation of an outdoor water feature can be accomplished in a few easy steps. When first considering setting up an outdoor fountain yourself do not be intimidated by the size of your fountain. It is true that the size and weight of a garden fountain can require several people to carry the parts from one point to another, however, aside from the labor involved the technical aspects of the installation are not too complicated for the average handy consumer to complete.

There are several steps to setting up a water feature outdoors which we will cover in this article. An understanding of the basic process involved will set your mind at ease and make setting up your fountain a more enjoyable process because you will know what to expect and also be ready with everything required upon delivery.

Accepting Delivery And Inspection

One of the most important things to do after ordering your fountain is to be ready and prepared upon delivery of your item. Large items like outdoor water fountains are delivered via truck carrier and this will require a receiver to be present upon delivery.

The fountain must be first inspected to determine whether any damage has occurred during shipment. It is important to through inspect products before signing off on the bill of lading. In the fine print where you sign it indicates that you have accepted and agreed that the item has been consigned to you free and clear. You acceptance indicates that the damage is not the fault of the carrier and it can be extremely difficult to later file a damage claim with the carrier once signed for. The reason for this is that that the carrier and shipper has no way to determine whether damage occurred during shipping or after delivery, so the signature requirement is used to pinpoint at what point in the process damage has occurred or also verify safe transit from one party to another.

Large fountains usually come in several sections, especially if it is a pond fountain. This makes it much easier to transport the parts from the delivery drop off location to the final install area. It also help prevent damage to the sections resulting from dropping or dragging the parts. Most people open and inspect the main palette where the package is dropped by the truck carrier and then carry the parts piece by piece in to be installed, rather then transport the whole shipment in one heavy section.

Reading And Following Setup Instructions

The review and ability to follow included setup and assembly instructions is of obvious benefit to any successfully installed fountain. Also, there is typically a parts list included with the shipment which will map out all the parts included. Following a careful review will enable you to replace and locate any missing parts before the installation is in process. Although it is very rare to have parts missing from shipment, in the rare cases when it does happen it is far less frustrating to fix this problem before beginning setup.

Installation Process

The main installation process is the heart of any setup attempt. Some garden water features come completely assembled as one piece, while others need to be setup carefully. If your fountain has a pond this will almost always require a setup process. The pond section is laid first. Always be sure to provide adequate support for a fountain pond since the pond will slowly sink and may even topple the fountain over time due to the weight if not properly supported. An excellent support for a heavy item like an outdoor water feature is a concrete pad of sufficient diameter to completely house the circumference of the fountain. A gravel and sand under layer will also work for features that are not as heavy.

After laying and supporting the pond the next step is to route the electrical cord and then place the upper fountain assembly, often composed of multiple tiers in the center. The pump and cords on a quality fountain will be housed within the center assembly and therefore be out of view when the fountain is in operation. The water tubing will also need to be connected to the water pump and routed through the center pieces as they are installed. THis will enable the water to travel from the reservoir at the bottom to the top and it what makes possible the beautiful and dramatic display of water we see on many outdoor fountains.

Finally, the fountain needs to be filled with water and the cord plugged in. Don't forget to care for your fountain so it resists inclement weather and also always position it in a safe location where it will not be in danger of being knocked over so it will bring you many benefits for years to come. Tiered outdoor fountains do not usually require mortar or concrete, but rather stand on their own weight using interlinking component parts.

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