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Outdoor Water Fountain Example
Outdoor Water Fountain Autofill

One of the main tasks in caring for any outdoor water fountain is keeping it full of water. Especially with large fountains we can get over spray and direct sunlight that really cause the water to evaporate quickly. The rate at which the water evaporates will depend on the fountain size and the capacity of the lower pond and bowl sections.

The great thing about an Autofill is that you do not have to worry about monitoring the water level. Many people do learn to know when the water needs refilling, similar to the way you always do with your favorite plant, however an Autofill enables you to not have to think about this initially and also saves you time in the long run.

How A Float Valve Autofill Fountain Functions

An auto fill works on the same principle to filling a toilet. There are two types of units are commonly used on outdoor fountain Auto-fills. The first older type uses a float system to work a valve that enables water to enter from the attached water line. When the water level becomes low enough in the reservoir the float that floats on the water is forced down along with the water level and this opens a valve that it is attached to. The water level in the water line is under pressure so it naturally flows out of it's own accord under pressure when the valve is opened. When enough water is released back into the fountain reservoir the float once again rises with the water and closes the release valve shutting off the water so the fountain does not overflow. One disadvantage to float valve systems is that the float valve is visible if you look carefully since it must be within the reservoir bowl.

Using A Timed Outdoor Fountain Autofill

Another method of filling an outdoor fountain with water is by using a timed fountain Autofill. Timed Auto-fills are usually less prone to malfunctioning and for this reason are almost exclusively used when an indoor fountain Autofill is desired. The main danger to using a timed Autofill mechanism is that the timer can be set incorrectly resulting in too much water being released into the fountain causing it to overflow and potentially damage wood flooring and other sensitive indoor decor. This is especially true for the novice or new customer who has not yet determined how much water is needed to be filled on a regular basis. When first using a timed Autofill you need to set the timer to fill on minimal level at first and then gradually increase the time filling water until you achieve the just right amount of water at all times taking into consideration how often you run the fountain and the environment in which the fountain is run.

Another benefit to a fountain timer Autofill is that the timer mechanism is hidden away from the fountain out of view and only the small water line enters the fountain bowl. This small line can be secured to the side of the fountain to remain unobtrusive, or even routed with care up the hole usually meant for the electrical cord that exits out the bottom.

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