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Terra Cotta Garden Water Vessel Feature with Moss
Placing Fountains In The Garden

Search out places in your garden where fountains can be used as a focal point. It might be at the end of a long straight path against a formal evergreen hedge, or opposite a door from the house, or near a large window overlooking a paved patio or terrace. Like statues, fountains are important garden ornaments and their positioning needs to be carefully considered so that they will both stand out and relate well to the surrounding planting schemes. Make sure that a water supply is always within reach of a fountain. This will ensure the fountain can be easily filled as needed. A full fountain is important because adequate water levels protect the water pump which should always be submerged to prevent damaging the pump.

Fountains In Shady Garden Areas

Shady areas are beautiful and can benefit from the presence of a garden fountain. Flowing water feels especially soothing and relaxing in a shady area away from direct sunlight. Shade can range from a light covering from the dappled light of a tree with delicate foliage to deep shady areas created by overhead shadows of dense trees or a roof. Deep shade from surrounding buildings can be a nuisance which is alleviated by a fountain with a lower pool that reflects light and introduces new energy into the area. The general ambiance of a shady area can be tuned up or down be careful consideration of fountain color. Lighter colors speed up the energy of the surrounding area and make things feel more airy and brighter. Dark colored and especially mossy fountains add to the feeling of mystery and awe of dark areas in a garden or forested area.

Fountains For City Terraces

Terraces in the heart of the city are great places for fountains. A city terrace is a small area where people place plants, fountains, chairs and small tables create an outdoor space. Often, terraces substitute for larger gardens and lawns that are a staple of detached residences. Garden container and water vessel urns are perfect for terraces due to their size, ease of use and vibrant shapes and colors available.

Plants and Flowers With Fountains In The Garden

Many people like to plant foliage and flowers around garden fountains. This looks great and is to be encouraged since fountains and gardens work so well together. One thing to consider when planting around a fountain is color combinations and growth potential of the plants. If using flowers try to get ones that will blossom in colors that will look great against the color of your fountain finish. Also, take into consideration the growth speed and height of any surrounding plants, so the plants do not grow too high as to overwhelm the fountain or require constant pruning and care. A side benefit to fountain plants is that you can easy scoop water from the fountain reservoir to water the surrounding plants and flowers.

Fountains Vessels And Water Urns

Fountain vessels and garden urns can be extremely weighty and impractical to move around too often, especially when full of water, so think about the site carefully when placing them. Place them in important positions at your best lines of site, maybe on an axis leading from a major house window, or at the end of a long path. A pair of urns can look good on either side of a path as it leaves a terrace, or flanking a flight of steps. A single urn is exciting a the crossing of two paths. Urns can be placed against tall walls or dark green hedges, and beside doorways and arches. Positioning an urn informally in a border is a beautiful way of bringing interest to an area that lacks color at a particular time of year. Urns can also look splendid in the middle of a formal pond and can be modified to work as flowing fountains by drilling a hole and using a submersible water pump. Submersible lights can also be used within the urn that look great at night.

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