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Standing Falls Wall Fountain In An Excellent Location
Standing Falls Wall Fountain

There are many varieties of wall fountain currently on the market. However, not all wall fountains are equal when it comes to quality. The Standing Falls is a portrait of a quality indoor water fountain made to the highest standards. This product is not outsourced for overseas manufacturing. We do our own fabricating which allows us to closely monitor product quality. Our overall design gives us more than a competitive edge on the other products on the market. We pride ourselves on overall quality and will not release products unless they are perfect. We currently have many different designs of water features and are constantly adding new designs and ideas to our portfolio. We currently manufacture over 40 different designs and have been commissioned to create many different custom pieces for our clients. Our aim is to provide the most innovative and quality products in the industry.

Currently we are growing at a very rapid rate. We are looking for new products and designs to further our penetration into the market. We can create features of just about any size that a client wants or needs to fill a specific space. We are confident that no other company has better quality or a better system for creating truly wonderful works of art.

Our designs predominately use a slate background to run water over; this is no doubt our largest sector of the market. We carry slabs of slate from all over the world with many different colors and textures for our clients to choose from. We are now producing water features using glass, granite, acrylics and many other media types. This has opened the way for many new designs and products.

Slate is not the only media that we use to create our water wall fountains. We have the ability to use many different natural stones like granite and marble, as well as, man made products like glass and acrylics. Textured and back painted glass features have become very popular recently, and we have seen a marked increase in demand for this type of feature. To date we have created some very spectacular glass water features for both homes and businesses. Many of our clients want to use the latest materials to build water features and we can custom engineer that piece for them.

Laser etching on slate or glass to create an image on the stone/glass is on of our fastest growing market segments. We work with a variety of artists and re-create their artwork using a laser etching technique so we can use the art in our water features. We have done many different water features using this technique.

Some questions come across when considering a wall fountain like Standing Falls. One of these topics is how to best install the fountain, how to care for and maintain it, and how to get help if you require assistance before or after receiving your fountain. Such questions and their answers differ depending on the fountain you purchase, so this section applies specifically to Standing Falls and not to all the wall fountains we offer.

How difficult is installation of a wall fountain?

We have manufactured a product that is both beautiful and simple. Smaller wall fountain installation can be done by one person with larger ones needing at least two people to install. Complete installation instructions will be provided to any products being shipped from our warehouse. If you require technicians to install your piece please contact us about installation rates and times. In addition to written instruction we also have videos on fountain installation which can be viewed while installing a your fountains.

How to I provide the electrical requirements necessary to power the fountain?

Yes you will need to have a power outlet installed on the wall about dead center where the fountain will be placed. Not only do cords detract from the look of the piece, it will also impede on the bracketing system for the fountain. We will provide a detailed shop drawing for the placement of utilities prior to your fountain being installed.

What wall support is required to support the weight of the waterfall?

We have designed the many different products we design to be hung on any wall that has regular wood studs in the wall construction. If the installation is for a steel stud application we will provide details prior to delivery on how a steel stud wall will have to be finished.

How much water does an indoor fountain need on a regular basis?

The amount of water that your fountain evaporates depends on many factors, the relative humidity of your home or office and the presence of hardwood floors will have significant effect on the amount of water a fountain uses. The product is designed to be filled on average every 7-10 days after it stabilizes in the environment it is installed in.

Can I hook up a water line to an indoor water feature to automatically fill it?

It is totally up to you whether you would like to plumb in your fountain or not. The products were originally designed to be a self contained unit. As the product evolved we did add the ability to automatically fill the fountain with a ¼” copper water line.

Is it possible to automate my water feature so that it will fill and drain periodically without me doing anything?

Yes, your fountain can have a system of electronic timers and solenoids that will automatically drain and fill you fountain on a specified date and time. This keeps a fresh water supply in the fountain and greatly reduces maintenance. We recommend this type of set up for all commercial jobs and residential placements that are hard to access.

What regular maintenance is required on a wall mounted waterfall?

Yes the fountains do need regular maintenance but it is very simple to maintain. Please download the fountain maintenance guide available at the following link on our website for the maintenance guide.

Do the wall water features come in other materials?

The exclusive water delivery system enables our indoor wall fountains to use many different materials to create your ultimate wall fountain. Please refer to our materials section for further information on the latest materials we are using to create some of the best designs in the industry.

What can I expect in terms of warranty coverage after a purchase?

A one year limited manufacturer's warranty is applicable. This warranty covers all parts, workmanship, and installation (if done by manufacturer). Please refer to the warranty section for more specific information.

How do I obtain technical support if needed?

Yes, a toll free support line for all customers to answer technical questions. We can answer all your questions and try to help you through any difficulties you may have with your fountain. Call us from 9am to 5pm Mountain time to talk with our technical staff, or leave a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible. You can also email us any problems you may have.

Can I pick my own slate and what types and colors are available?

We have one of the biggest inventories of wall fountain stones anywhere. We carry many different colors, shades and textures of slate. Customers in our area can hand pick the slab that they want to use in their feature. Customers out of our area can give us parameters for what color schemes they would like and we can pick out the best possible piece for that customer.

How do I treat the water or reduce hard water deposits on my wall fountain?

We recommend that you use de-mineralized water (i.e. soft water, reverse osmosis water, or distilled water) in your water feature. This will ensure optimum operation of your fountain and reduce maintenance. Should you till use hard tap water in your fountain there are several aftermarket product that can be used to rid your fountain of lime and calcium build-up (Protec Fountain Solution). Please note that we are not responsible for calcium related problems, and /or after market products damaging pumps.

Fountain lighting is important to me, what options and types are available?

We are always looking for different ways to make water features unique. We can use different LED lights and different colored lens to light your fountain.

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