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Garden Water Sculpture Fountain
Styles Of Water Fountains

One of the best things we can do to enliven our environment is to add a water fountain. Water fountains come in a spectacular array of different styles. We can group the styles of water fountains into several broad groups depending upon where they are going to be used. The two most general groups are indoor and outdoor. These two groups can be further separated into subgroups such as wall fountains, tabletop fountains and floor fountains for use indoors and garden fountains and garden waterfalls for outdoors.

Indoor Fountains

The water features known as indoor fountains are so called because they can be used inside our homes and places of work and can be used safely and effectively without interfering with our activities. It's an important distinction to make since you will want to have an indoor fountain rated for an indoor power source and will wan to ensure that it will not splash. Outdoor fountains can also generate over spray or have longer tougher cords which would not look that great in your home.

Wall Fountains

A wall fountain is simply a fountain, or more accurately a 'wall waterfall' since the water is flowing down, that hangs or is suspended on a wall. These items will usually need a support with the wall such as a wall stud to support the weight of the stone and metal tray. Wall fountains are great because they are very beautiful, yet do not take up very much space in the home since they are located off the floor. They are also relatively easy to install because they come with instructions and all necessary hardware.

Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop fountains get their name from their small size. Of course, they can be put anywhere you like, but they are most commonly found on tables around the home or office since they are too small to sit on the floor. Many people enjoy these items in part because they are easy to give to others, don't require a lot of time to install and are more affordable then larger wall or floor fountains. There are many people who make table fountains as a hobby or artistic endeavor so this sort of fountain has a much more grassroots feel to it.

Floor Fountains

Now these are the larger fountains often referred to as floor fountains. They are kind of semi-wall units that add to the structure of the places in which they are found. They reflect and diffuse light in indoor areas and really enhance the living situation and are quite noticeable. It is important to get a floor standing waterfall in a design and material choice that will fit into the area in which it is placed. An added plus is that the can be moved as requirements dictate and do not require mounting to the building structure or wall which can be against regulations in some rented and leased properties.

Outdoor Fountains

An outdoor fountain is just that, a fountain that is meant to be used and appreciated outdoors. They are often referred to as garden fountains. They tend to come in much more ornate and larger styles then you will see with indoor varieties because there is more space to work with outside, the sky is the limit. The more ornamental styles have also been developed along with the trend of lavish gardens that are meant to relax and sooth the senses and be a respite from the crisp lines modern materials of the indoor fountain varieties that reflect more the building structures they are meant to be used in.

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