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Slate Table Fountain
Table Fountains As A Gift Idea

It is common for some of us to simply run out of gift giving ideas as we get older. In fact, the easiest people to give gifts for are children, with a myriad of toys and other items that bring excitement. However, as we age we may simply run out of ideas on what to give as gifts. Gift giving for older people also takes more reflection because we are sure that the recipient will contemplate the meaning, thought and even expense of the item given and compare it to gifts given in the past.

A table fountain as a gift is a great idea. In addition to being beautiful and attractive it brings something more, a small piece of tranquility in what could otherwise be a hectic environment. One of the places people love to put table fountains is one their desk at work or on reception counters in government offices or other places where adherence to regulations and bureaucracy is necessary, but can feel cold to someone just arriving from a different milieu.

Fountains are really quite nice to watch as you wait in line or queue up for appointments. Think of how many people will enjoy looking at a small fountain on the counter on a daily basis and how this will improve people's moods as they interact with employees and staff and how the cost of the fountain will pay for itself even by smoothing over a single encounter or misunderstanding by making the actors involved more flexible in mind then they would otherwise be.

Most people would prefer to watch an interesting display of water flowing over slate or bubbling up over river stones over reading a magazine or staring at the wall. The sound of Table Fountains even improves phone calls with customers and co-workers. I have found that having a small table water feature by the phone on my desk can be heard by the person on the other end of a phone call and the water sound seems to make the call less formal and friendlier then I would get with either no noise or with other office noises in the background. There is also something about watching a water fountain in a calm state of mind that jogs the imagination. I can stare at a fountain for awhile and notice thoughts and images that arise that I simply would not get doing other things. For example, trying to think for new ideas for a project or how to solve a problem in a think tank would generate ideas on a certain level but they tend to be rigid ones drawn from past experience or that draw off other ideas from people in the room. When I relax with a fountain and let my mind wander without trying to force a solution I sometimes get insights that work, yet are entirely new and original and not clearly based on data or experience that I am conscious of at the time.

It would be interesting to try this technique in a formal problem solving session, for example at a medical meeting discussing diagnosis and treatment or at a company meeting discussing how to improve products or increase sales. My guess is that the presence of a small water fountain would improve the efficacy of the meeting and lead to better solutions. The Stainless Face Wall Mount Fountain was constructed especially for this purpose to be a fixture at presentations and office environments and can even be custom made with a dry erase white board that slides out from the back on which a presented can draw diagrams and meeting notes. When is all said and done a smaller table fountain is much more cost effective for the average room and can be situated at the center of any table or counter as needed.

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