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Tabletop Fountains Are Popular Gift Items
Tabletop Fountains Are Popular Gift Items

Tabletop fountains are great home accents and they will bring a sense of serenity to your indoor space. The water and natural elements bring a little bit of nature indoors. These small fountains are made with hand thrown ceramic, copper, Stainless Steel and natural elements such as slate, gemstones, crystals and bamboo. Several styles come with real live water plants, bear grass or air plants. The fountains made of semi precious stones often include a rotating object on the fountain such as a crystal sphere which rotates using water pressure, bringing movement to the table fountain which is both interesting and soothing to watch. They have small water pumps in the fountain base which serves to recirculate the water continually up over the top piece.

You can add your own items to a small tabletop water fountains which will give them a personalized touch such as pieces of jewelry, good luck charms and other keepsakes. In fact, there is a large number of people who enjoy making tabletop fountains using their own materials, stones from their yard, hand thrown pottery, mouth blown glass and any other material you can imagine which would benefit from being paired with soothing water sounds and would not dissolve by coming into contact with water. Tabletop fountains are ideal accents for small rooms and office desks where space is a concern. Tabletop waterfalls fit into small spaces such as the corner of a desk, a bedroom table, mantle, around door entryways and coffee tables.

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