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Aqua Fall Wave Water Fountain
The Aqua Fall Water Fountain Line

Aqua Fall is the name given to a specific line of water fountains that all have a similar style. If you require a floor fountain that is robust as well as beautiful, Aqua Fall may be your ideal choice for a water cascade. The factors that make an Aqua Fall stand out from the competition include materials, technology and style.

Highest Quality Acrylic

Acrylic of the best quality is used on the Aqua Fall waterfalls. The quality of the materials used and the expertise that goes into the manufacture of these wonders is without compromise. One of the main reasons that quality is maintained is because the production in not outsourced to save on labor and costs, rather these are made in the USA by personnel with specialized training and knowledge specifically with these types of water flows. Such expertise ensures that the design, materials and manufacturing is completely compatible with how the unit will work together with water and not leak or cause problems down the road.

Acrylic is a strong material that has several benefits. First, a robust acrylic is great for shipping reasons. The material is resistant to bumps and bangs and is therefore more likely to endure the freight journey to it's delivery destination intact and without breakage. An expandable foam material is sometimes used as well to insulate the fount in the shipping container and work as a buffer that prevents scratches during shipping.

Acrylic is also safe after the fountain is setup. For example, acrylic will not be as dangerous as glass or a mirror during a natural catastrophe like an earthquake. In addition, if an acrylic fountain is bumped or knocked over somehow there is a much better chance of it living through the experience they we would have with a glass, mirror or stone faced artificially produced flow of water.

Floor Fountain Style

Another benefit to this type of floor fountain is that the material can be honed to produce unique effects to the water which is not possible with other commonly used waterfall materials. What I am here referring to is the way the water flows down the face of the fountain. A series of horizontal lines is cut into the flat acrylic face of the fountain that produces a unique and beautiful look tot he falls. What these grooves do is to give texture tot eh material that produces a wave-like pattern tot he falling water that is much more interesting to watch and more dynamic then we would otherwise achieve with a simple smooth surface.

The manner in which acrylic is molded and cooled also opens a range of possibilities in creating unique fountain shapes. These shapes include wave designs in the larger waterfall sections. Therefore, the Aqua Fall line comes in both flat panel and wave designs. The flat panel models look more traditional and conservative to my eye, while the wave designs look more modern, chic and experimental. I think these two designs each have a market and I would expect to see a basic flat design in an office and a wave design in a nightclub.

Mood EFX Lighting

Current fountain lighting technology is available on the Aqua Fall water cascades which will illuminate and add excitement to the water fountain. The reason this advanced lighting system is called Mood EFX is because you can change the lighting to suit your mood. This lighting system is pre-programmed with a customized set of unique and enjoyable light shows.

Turn Mood EFX off and then turn it on again within one second to proceed to the next show.

Turn Mood EFX off for more then 6 seconds and it will remember the last show you selected, returning to that show the next time it is turned on.

The light shows on the Mood EFX lighting system is varied.

Slow Color Wash

Colors transition gracefully from color to color cycling through the color spectrum. Each color cycle takes about 3 minutes.

Fast Color Wash

Colors transition from color to color cycling through the spectrum. Each color lasts approximately 1 minute (similar to slow color wash, but the colors change quicker).

Slow Random Color

Colors step or jump from one color to the next in random order. Each color lasts from 10-15 seconds before moving tot he next one.

Fast Random Color

Colors move from one color to the next in random sequence. Each color lasts about 5 seconds (similar to slow random color, but color rotate quicker).

High Speed Random Color

This is a rapid series of intense flashes of varying colored light. Very exciting!

Cross Fade

The colors cycle back and forth gradually between blue and green. The total cycle lasts approximately 1 minute.

Fixed Fountain Colors

This is a static display of a single color. The available fountain colors in which to choose from include white, pink, lavender, light blue, dark blue, light green and dark green.

The Aqua Fall water fountains have several benefits that make them worthwhile considering as you search for the perfect fountain. These benefits include quality materials, a selection of unique shapes from modern to traditional and the use of the latest in lighting technology through Mood EFX lighting.

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