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An Outdoor Water Fountain
The Beauty Of Water Fountains

You may recall seeing a fountain in a public park in front of a hotel or other business establishment, or in a private home and garden. Many people flock to locations with water features, yet they do not realize that these great sculptures can be obtained ready made and easily installed by the consumer, or they do not know where to look to purchase these unique and specialty items. Others seek far and wide to find indoor and outdoor fountains at local nurseries, landscape suppliers and big box retailers but do not come across an adequate selection or sales personnel that have expert knowledge in the working basics of fountain materials, installation and operation. To really get your monies worth you need to locate a specialty store that focuses on waterfall and fountain styles like Exalted Fountains. In this manner you will be able to review a wide selection of fountains, make an informed purchase decision and have your questions answered by informed personnel. During your review you will most probably have several decisions to make regarding your purchase.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Water Fountains

The decision to get a fountain for indoors or outside is of primary importance. Most indoor water fountains cannot be used outside for a variety of technical and safety reasons. Indoor fountains usually have built-in lighting for illumination that make it easy to see the fountain in low light conditions that exist inside a home or office. The lighting also enables the cascade to show up nicely at night, for example when other lights in the house are turned off. The lighting that is typically located under the upper hood is not appropriate to site outdoors where it could be exposed to direct rainfall or inclement weather.

Outdoor fountains are especially constructed of durable materials that withstand inclement weather, but still nevertheless need to be protected and shielded from harsh temperature extremes using special guidelines for care. Just like indoor water features, outdoor products also have lighting options, but the outdoor lighting is made specially to work in areas where it may become exposed to rainfall or water that may spray due to windy conditions. An example of this type of outside lighting is the LED fountain pond lighting kits that are offered as add on items to most of the garden water fountains.

Whether you decide on an indoor fountain or a garden fountain, either way you will come to enjoy the beauty of a water fountain. Once the general category of fountain is selected the next thing to consider is the materials, size and style you prefer. Ultimately, you will also have to consider selecting a metal or fountain finish color, which for many people is the final decision prior to purchase. Then wait eagerly while the item is manufactured or prepared for shipment.

The crating and shipping expertise is another reason why you will want to use a knowledgeable and experienced company who specializes in these products. Many people take the shipping process for granted, however, many refinements are made in crating and packing these fragile items to get them to customers safely. Therefore, choosing a company like Exalted Fountains who has been in business for over 10 years can pay off due to their experience shipping fragile items as well as informing customers on what to expect during the ordering, shipping and delivery process.

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