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Custom Bubble Wall
The Benefits Of A Custom Water Feature

Ordering a custom water feature comes with benefits that you cannot get with a stock or pre-fabricated product. The primary and most sought after benefit to custom fountains and waterfalls is that you can achieve styles that are just not possible with quick ship items. Custom items can be completely unique and fall outside the realm of what an average consumer would consider appropriate in their home. Stock items are usually far more conservative in their effect and as a consequence will fit in and appeal to the widest possible audience. For instance, fountains with Stainless Steel, copper, glass, stone and mirrors will accent many locations without to much of a clash between the fountain design and the existing decor. However, with custom we can really build features that appear as part of the architecture such as rain chain, floating water wall and bubble wall designs that hug and wrap around structures in unique ways and utilize lighting to beautifully illuminate areas which are sometimes entirely unique and never done before. Take a look at this custom bubble wall from a project at Children's Hospital to see how a custom feature can change the structure and entire feeling of a building from inside.

Another benefit achieved with custom water features is the ability to resize an existing stock design or apply a specialized color that is not to common and needs to be ordered specially from the paint factory. If you are interested in an exotic color for a water feature frame the colors can be reviewed on the Pantone color chart for water features. Getting a unique size on a stock fountain is not as easy as it may at first appear. Actually, many times this is really an entirely custom item because all the manufacturing equipment must be re-calibrated just as it would have to be with a completely custom item. Some cost savings can be achieved during this process by just changing the height or width of a stock product which would make possible use of trays or parts of a stock item without having to manufacture them from scratch.

Every so often a trend in custom designs becomes popular and a custom fountain design will become a stock item if enough people are interested in purchasing it. A fine example of this trend is the floating water wall design. It appears over the last several years that concealing the upper hood and water reservoir sections of a water feature gives a nice modern and minimalist look that appears futuristic and appears like water is sheeting from floor to floor inside a building which is actually pretty cool to look at. It also has the effect of looking like you can walk through the water if you are using clear glass as a medium which cannot be seen with water flowing over it. This is pretty fascinating inside an office building or corporate environment.

The floating water wall design may indeed become a future item which is either in stock or offered at a stock price. One of the issues currently being wrestled with in this regard is the fact that these items are almost always requested in different sizes. They are also typically installed" width open areas such as in the center of lobbies or along corridors which makes determining a stock size difficult until more research is done focusing on customer requirements for this type of custom water feature.

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