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Garden Fountain
The Benefits Of Garden Fountains

There are numerous benefits of having fountains in your garden. Garden fountains are beautiful, produce relaxing sounds, and are much appreciated by both people and animals alike. There are also much more subtle benefits that go along with almost any water feature. Cascading water and waterfalls inject moisture into the surrounding air that makes the air fresher and teem with beneficial humidity which is healthy, makes it easier to breathe, and removes heavy airborne particles from the air.

The Beauty Of Garden Fountains

The first thing people usually realize when they come upon a beautiful fountain is the sight of the rising or falling water. The attraction of this spectacle is apparent. Condsider 'Old Faithful' in Yellowstone National Park. People flock from all over to witness the working of this beautiful geyser that has been around for longer then most people have been alive. One regular intervals the steam pressure deep within the earth gains pressure and is realeased through a whole in the earth's crust and spouts out with force through the narrow opeining displaying an exciting and awesome spectacle that produces a sense of wonder and awe in those who behold it.

Fountains on the market today rarely mimic these great forces of nature, however, smaller water features are available that can still give us joy anytime of the day or night in our own backyards or gardens. Garden water fountains can be purchased as small tiny models as well as taller ones that have their own ponds at the bottom which greatly increase the water sound and enables the placement of lights which can shine up on the water and produce a quite beautiful effect at night.

The Benefits Of Falling Water

Aside from the obvious exquisite visual display, water fountains have many benefits which we may experience on a much more unconscious or subtle level. Water is essential to life and we are actually made mostly of water, so it's only natural and instinctive to view fresh clean water as a good thing. Unconsciously, all of us hope that we are never far from water or have to go without it for long. When a cascade is produced this beneficial element is injected into the air and the water particles mix with the surrounding air and even flow into us with the air. This added moisture is healthy and humidifies the air making it easier to breathe. Outside of our bodies the water particles mix with airborne particles and help clean and remove dust and other airborne radicals from the air. The air feels fresher and cleaner when in the vicinity of a fountain. One of the best ways to feel this effect is to hike up to the base of a large waterfall and breathe. Many people do this at Yellowstone Falls in Yosemite National Park in the United States. It feels so good to breathe in the water that many people just sit there. If you are lucky usually you can also see a rainbow above or off to the side of the waterfall, which is a natural effect of the spraying water and has always been considered a sign of good fortune and beneficence.

Water In The Garden

Most of us are not so lucky to live by a natural waterfall. However, bringing water fountains to our landscapes and gardens has been done for centuries. Fountains differ depending on the culture and country from which they originate and the hopes and dreams of those who use them. Form ornate large statues to small balcony urns, water fountains are available in any size to suit your area and needs. These days they can also be made in different colors that will blend with theme of the flora and structures nearby and become a suitable accent for your garden.

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