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Grape Bowl Wall Fountain
The Outdoor Use Of Wall Fountains

Wall fountains have become extremely popular as indoor home furnishing items. Mounting a waterfall on interior walls brings all the beauty and sound of a natural water feature into a home or office and transports the sights and sounds of nature indoors. However, there are plenty of places outdoors that can benefit from the addition of a wall fountain. In our modern environment, especially in cities and urban settings that do not have true access to naturally occurring water features, a wall hanging fountain can add just as much beauty as it does for an indoor setting. In all the excitement of using indoor wall fountains many people do not realize that these products can be ordered with outdoor hood options that enable them to be used outside safely and effectively.

Outdoor Hood Options

An essential aspect of using a wall fountain outside is the outdoor hood. This special accessory is necessary in order to shield the electrical and lighting apparatus from inclement weather conditions such as rain, condensation, dust and humidity which will work themselves in without the protection of the outdoor hood. The outdoor hood is a section of framing that fits over the standard hood section. The hood is made from the same material selected for the other framing components. Thus, the hood can be made in Rustic Copper, Stainless Steel and any of the other custom color powder coating materials available. The outdoor wall fountain hood has an extended overhanging lip that overhangs the standard hood in order to provide protection from outdoor weather conditions. Outdoor hoods are not included standard, so they must be requested with an order and purchased separately at added cost. Most wall fountain styles are manufactured primarily for the indoor fountain market in accordance with customer demand.

Placing Wall Fountains Outdoors

When deciding to install a water feature on an outdoor wall there are some important considerations to keep in mind. A primary consideration is the presence of adequate wall support. Outdoor walls do not have the same support structures that we typically find on interior walls. For example, exterior walls may not have the wall studs or other bracing necessary to support the weight of the fountain. Wall fountains come with a mounting bracket and as such can be installed on any flush vertical surface, however the screws must sometimes be switched out by the customer if being used on masonry, cinder block or other not standard materials. Also, determining adequate hold strength is the responsibility of the customer in these situations where non-standard walls are used because hold testing has only been done on standard wood studded walls.

Wall fountain positioning is another factor to consider. It is best to locate an outdoor fountain under a terrace or covered area. The reason for this is that outdoor weather conditions can eventually wear away the clear protective coating applied to premium metal frames like copper, causing them to oxidize and change color. Fountains installed outdoors should be plugged into a covered weatherproof outdoor rated GFCI switched outlet.

Final Thoughts

Wall fountains are beautiful additions that can be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor use requires a specialized hood that will help shield the water feature from inclement weather conditions such as rain, moisture and dust. A wall fountain is constructed as to be installed on any flush wall surface. However, the installation hardware such as screws have only been tested and recommended for use on standard wood stud supported walls. Therefore, an installer must be flexible when conducting an outdoor installation in order to use the correct hardware in accordance with the type of wall. The installer must also determine whether the wall and hardware chosen will support the full weight of the wall fountain.

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