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Isola 3-Tier Pond Traditional Fountain Design
Traditional Garden Fountains Made In Time Honored Fashion

Many people prefer traditional fountains over contemporary and modern designs. This is not surprising because traditionally made fountains and time honored designs have stood the test of time for very good reasons. These reasons include creation techniques that pay close attention to quality and design shapes that have evolved and changed over time to reflect compatible and harmonious integration into garden environments.

When we speak of traditional fountain styles we are defining them as styles that have a close connection to the past. This past connection gives them a familiarity which makes them comfortable and appropriate for a wide clientele. This is in contrast to contemporary styles which attempt to combine the traditional with the modern and be in line with current trends. Modern style would differ from either traditional or contemporary by attempting to create something completely new that has not been seen before.

Style preferences will often differ between age groups with the older generation favoring traditional styles, perhaps because they have been around longer and are therefore more familiar, middle age consumers favoring contemporary styles that reflect current trends, and a younger generation who favors modern designs that say something about their individuality which makes a break with the preferences of parents and older authority figures.

Style preferences tend to not only be age specific, but also have a connection with overall popularity. Most people discover that styles which are familiar are most appropriate and attractive. This trend is seen in the business world and retail establishments where established products are perceived as being tested over time and therefore better then 'new and improved' designs that are viewed with skepticism as they enter the market, at least until they become more acquired by a mainstream audience and become contemporary.

Following the above reasoning, traditional fountain styles will therefore have the widest appeal, followed by the contemporary and the modern. This phenomena is reflected in sales figures as well with traditional fountains being the best sellers. This is particularly true since the older generation on average has more to spend on luxury water fountains and they own the homes with expansive outdoors areas in which to place them.

One of the best things about modern designs is that they attract a lot of attention and bring a lot of energy and creativity into a garden. As more people become aware of modern styles they become more popular and accepted and sales figures rise. As particular fountain styles become more popular then others their designs eventually influence both contemporary and traditional styles in proportion to how popular they become, how long they endure, and by extension how appropriate they are for their intended purpose. If not, they become like leaves with short life spans that soon fall from a tree but which assist the growth of established products by attracting attention and contributing to the creative process.

Exalted Fountains has an excellent catalog of traditional fountains that have stood the test of time which are made in a time honored fashion. You are very likely to discover a style that fits your lifestyle and home from an array of hundreds of different styles in thousands of different color finish combinations. These fountains are made in time honored tradition handed down generations with techniques that adhere to high quality guidelines and have been used in the past with great success and are an artform in themselves. Exalted Fountains has been in business since June of 2000. Although the traditional fountain styles offered are much older then the company, Exalted Fountains has a god deal of experience with fountain products and design that will ensure your selection, ordering and delivery process goes smoothly from start to finish.

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