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Modern Water Fountain Design
Trends In Modern Water Fountain Design

The use of water fountains for decorative and aesthetic purposes has been around for a long time. As times change products change along with them to reflect the tastes of those who accent their homes, businesses and gardens with such items. There have been some recent trends in water fountain design that reflect their use in modern decor. These modern trends fall into three categories encompassing the use of custom built waterfalls which are typically a custom item, the incorporation of textured glass and mirrors in fountain or waterfall design and the use of high tech or LED lighting for illumination.

Custom Built-In Fountains

One of the most recent things we see in contemporary fountain design is an appeal to a customer base that wants an entirely unique item that is specific to them. The uniqueness of a piece of art, which a well constructed and thought out water sculpture should be, is one of the things that makes it special from an owners point of view. A unique display of water never seen before really provides a wow factor to onlookers that you just do not get with something you have seen before in other places. Getting a custom water fountain also involves the purchaser in the construction process and empowers them to bring their own vision and feelings into the act which can at best be approximated with stock shapes and designs.

Modern building design makes particular use of space that is very different from older more traditional building styles. Specifically, modern spaces tend to focus on making optimal use of space and have a minimalist focus that attempts to maximize floor space and streamline transitions between rooms. This use of space fits perfectly with the use of built-in water fountains that serve a dual purpose as separators between rooms, as windows that preserve natural light, and even shelving units and furniture items that merge traditional decor into exciting moving works of water art.

Modern Water Fountain Materials

The use of new and exciting materials in fountain design reflects the taste of modern consumers. One of the reasons many of today's consumers purchase modern indoor fountains is to transport a touch of nature into indoor environments that do not have access to gardens and outdoor recreational areas due to being located in urban city environments. The space available as a living area is typically smaller in these kinds of environments because real estate and space is more valuable and sought after, and therefore at a premium in cities where demand for space is higher.

The use of mirrors is a well known technique of increasing the perception of space and making a room feel larger. Mirror fountains are one of the most popular trends in modern fountain design because they save space by taking the place of wall mirrors and also give off soft water sounds which are most relaxing in a city environment to mask traffic noise and as a respite from city noise.

The use of new water fountain glass styles is another contemporary trend. Modern living spaces, by their nature using space which is at a premium, also do best with many windows and the ability to access natural light. There is an increased need for light in smaller spaces because there is not as mush opportunity to let light enter. In addition, the furniture in the room either reflects or absorbs light and can have a significant impact on light quantity and quality. Using glass which lets light through does not reduce or counteract the light entering or already present in a room and is therefore an excellent material for modern buildings. For fountains that are positioned against a solid wall, mirrored waterfalls can be used. A mirror will increase light in a room when used against a solid surface because it will reflect the light back rather then absorb and diffuse it the wall a solid wall would. Clear glass has been traditionally used, so new modern glass styles like textured, slumped and rain glass are new and exciting and add a novelty you don't get with traditional clear glass.

Modern LED Fountain Bulbs

Contemporary design is always trying to improve on existing trends and add that touch of excitement that can only be achieved by the new and novel. Since light is such an important element in modern buildings, improving on lighting sources is a natural development that will appeal to current consumers of water fountains. LED bulbs are now available as an upgrade to standard halogen or fluorescent lighting, and have become standard on some indoor fountain styles. LED light is much crisper and clear then ordinary light and therefore works extremely well indoors and also reveals details that you don't see with ordinary lighting. LED bulbs also have color changing capability to add novelty and excitement to modern areas that may make use of non-typical color themes.

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