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Trinity Falls
Trinity Falls

The Trinity Falls water feature is an indoor wall fountain style that runs with the basic operation of the bottom trough being the water reservoir and housing a pump that pumps the water up to the water delivery system, an exclusive technology. These products were originally designed to be fully self-contained indoor fountains. The only utility needed for the fountain to run is an electrical outlet directly behind the piece. The rule of thumb here for placement is as close to center behind the piece as possible. For more exact placement of utilities please refer to the provided shop drawings for each fountain.

As products developed and our customers became more sophisticated we added more utility options to the fountains. Now all customers have the choice as to the level of sophistication that they want in their fountains. We can provide full utilities with automatic water feed lines and drain lines, as well as, dimmers for lights and operation from wall switches. We can even fully automate our clients water features by adding timers and electronic solenoids to automatically open and close water and drain lines at pre-arranged times making their fountains almost maintenance free.

Metal Framing Materials

Waterfalls are fabricated from stainless steel and copper only. We can finish the products in many different ways but these are the only two base metals we use. We have found that these two wall fountain metals work the best to provide our customers with a beautiful product that can be finished many different ways but offer the strength to use in our designs. We only use the best materials available to build our fountains from. For Stainless Steel we only use 304 Stainless Steel with a furniture grade #4 Finish, this is the highest level of finish you can get in Stainless Steel that still has a grain or brushed look. We use an 18 gauge thickness to create the reservoir and valance pieces, and even thicker 16 gauge material for the structural parts. Copper fountains have to use even thicker material to gain the structural strength of Stainless Steel. We only use pure copper sheets, there is no cladding or plating in our fountains only real, pure copper will do. We use copper sheets with at least .060” thickness for the trough and valance. The following is a list of possible finishes for both metals.

Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel with a #4 Finish
304 Stainless Steel with a Powder Coat Finish. Many different colors are available.


Copper left raw to naturally Patina due to exposure to air.
Copper with an antique Patina Finish- available in light, medium and dark shades.

This variety of finishes enables customers and designer many different options to incorporate into the space they are working on. Powder coating allows designers to match shades from railings and other fixtures that are commonly powder coated. Copper offers so many rich, and elegant shades from patina finishing that customers with more traditional homes benefit from this softer option.

Quality begins with material. Many of our competitors boast of their use of copper and other expensive materials, but the proof of quality comes in the thickness and quality of the original material. This is one area that we will not compromise for profits. We will only use the finest material available to create our works of art, and continue to offer our customers the widest variety of finishes to manufacture exactly what they want. Value and quality start from the beginning of the process, and we want to provide our customers with the finest fountains available.

Slate Fountain Slabs

We have a huge inventory of natural slate slabs with some of the largest pieces in the world in our warehouse. These huge slabs enable us to provide absolutely enormous fountains for residential and commercial applications. All of our stone is completely natural and imported from all over the world. We only use the best quality stones in our fountains , every slab is carefully inspected to insure top quality and no structural deficiencies. All of our slate comes in thicknesses ranging 5/8” to 1” of solid slate. This really increases the value and impressiveness of our products. No other company in the world can produce Wall Fountains in the sizes that we offer.

Water Feature Sizes

We can offer about any dimension of fountain that you can think of. We have done hundreds of different sizes and we can be exact down to the 1/16th of an inch to fit niches and other pre-made spaces. We can curve fountains to match the curvature of a wall or the top arch of a niche. Custom curves require a template to be made of the wall to ensure an exact fit. We use very precise CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software to design the water features and extremely precise laser and water jet machines to cut our parts to very small tolerances. This insures that as the product is formed and welded it remains in the size required. Feel free to contact us directly for advice on custom water features.

Specialized Water System

This is the heart of our product. We designed a system that not only works flawlessly for many years, but also is able to sheet the entire material being used for the fountain as soon as it is turned on. This is vastly different from many of the products on the market that advise clients to “spray or wipe the material down with water or a damp cloth” so the fountain will sheet the material. This system is so versatile that many different materials can be used without modifying our existing design. This design can just as easily use glass as slate without adjustments. This water delivery design not only works but keeps maintenance to a minimum and allows us to hang fountains in areas where intervention to get the fountain material to sheet properly is impossible. We took the time and spent the money to create a completely new innovation in water feature design. We have created the best delivery design in the industry, and adding to the value that our customers receive from our products.

Our product is the best in the world for many reasons. The main elements that make are products special are the overall quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design. We take great pride in the products that we produce for our dealers and clients.

Exclusive Design Technologies

We have spent close to I million dollars in Research and Development for our current product line. We have several technologies for our water features that are exclusive to our products. This is where we completely separate itself from any form of competition. The technology we have pioneered is one of the reasons that our products are at the leading edge of the industry.

Slate is sedimentary stone that has taken centuries and millions of tons of pressure to create. Slate has very distinct layers throughout the stone. All slate slabs can de-laminate between the layers and essentially come apart if not properly tested before use in a fountain. This is the reason that we engineered our “Safe Bracketing System”. Our competitors put bolts or some kind of fastener into the slate slab with a bracket so the slab itself hangs on the wall. We saw this as not only unsafe but did not look good because you can see directly behind the fountain and all the plumbing and electrical features that make the fountain run. We did not even think about taking the chance of a heavy slate slab coming off the wall and at the very least damaging a home or business. Our “Safe Bracketing System” uses the strength of the fountain structure to hold the weight of the stone on the wall. This is accomplished by a custom area of the trough and a specially designed bracket at the top of the slate that keeps it from tipping forward. This bracketing system allows us to hang fountains almost 1,000 pounds on most wood stud walls with no problem. We routinely hang fountains in excess of 500 pounds without any issue whatsoever. The bracketing system creates only shear weight on the wall allowing for huge loads to be used without problem. This bracketing system is an absolutely integral part of our features. It can be scaled to fit almost any size fountain and this platform is not only functional but has the added bonus of allowing us to seal off the back side of the fountain so all the utilities are hidden from view. This innovative design feature is one thing that separates us from any competitor claiming to have a high quality product.

Custom Waterfall Materials

We use a wide range of different material besides slate to create the wall waterfall best suited for your space and requirements. We can use Granite, Glass, Acrylics such as 3-Form. This gives us the ability to create any type of feature that the client wants to see. The following is a list of material and different applications to date:


All glass fountain sheets have to be 19mm in thickness to accommodate our exclusive water delivery system.

Back Painted or Vinyl Coating

This process allows for clients to have their glass colored just about any pantone color

Textured Glass

This product is usually a two step process involving using thinner textured glass and laminating it to a thicker stock to achieve the required thickness. This can also incorporate back painting for a combined effect.

Digital Glass

Digital Glass is also a two step process that involves taking a high resolution transparency of any image and laminating it between two sheets of glass. This is a very dramatic piece to be used in a fountain when lighted from the inside and water applied to it.

Laser Etched or Sandblasted Glass

Laser Etched or Sandblasted Glass can be laser etched or sandblasted to put in custom images such as corporate logos, or any other type of image. Sandblasting can also be used on clear glass to distort the clarity of the glass but still keep it’s translucent nature.

3-Form Acrylics

3-Form Eco-Resin is also a material that we have had experience creating custom water features with. This is a completely eco-friendly product that is made from recycled plastics. This product can be fabricated into millions of different color and texture combinations. This product can be custom fabricated into curves and other shapes for a truly one of a kind water feature.


We offer so many different choices for materials that we will be able to design something for just about any application including home and water features for businesses, any design criteria, and any look a client may want to achieve.

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