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Upon Delivery
Trouble Free Delivery Of Water Fountains

The most extensive selection of water fountains can be found readily available via online catalog. Online catalogs have made it possible to offer the consumer a never before possible wide selection that are not usually easy to find in local stores due to limited space and the high cost of stocking and displaying such a wide variety of products.

This increased choice and selection has obvious benefits in that you can obtain exactly the fountain you desire and in the color you prefer. However, for many customers having a product shipped to you also comes with worries and concerns about receiving the product in good condition. One of the biggest worries is that the products must be shipped to you and there is the possibility with anything being shipped that it may incur breakage during transit. Fortunately, becoming familiar with the shipping process and knowing what to expect before, during and after delivery will eliminate the dangers that can occur with shipped fountains.

Before Shipment

A customer can expect that a reputable company will take the time to ensure a water fountain is packed and crated with care before shipment. Without attention to packing, the best of companies would quickly go out of business if there was an undue problem with product breakage during shipping. Insurance claims with a freight carrier could work to a certain extent whereby the credit received is passed along to the end consumer, but eventually the carrier would catch onto a problem and cease to pay claims on damaged merchandise that was above the industry norm and may inspect claims to determine whether packing methods were insufficient. If things were not corrected this could lead to cancellation of the shippers account or simply a refusal to pay claims unless adequate packing procedures were documented. This is why pacing is a process that is monitored and adjusted over time. Customer feedback is used to determine the cause of breakage. Digital photos of the breakage and packing materials are the main method of quality control. Photos are also used when submitting claims to the carrier as evidence that the damaged has occurred. Many freight companies do not have the time or personnel to individually verify damage, though some delivery drivers will do this. Generally, the longer a company has been in business the less breakage that will occur when receiving their items since they have had more time to discover what works when packaging their products. Also, ordering from a company that specializes in the type of products being offered will result in less breakage because they have an in depth knowledge of the materials and design of the items that a big box retailer or general merchandise store will not have. There are many great packing materials and techniques such as crating, expandable foam, bubble wrap etc. that can be used, but nothing seems to replace the trial and error success gained from time and experience.

During Transit

The biggest risk of damage occurs during transit. The high volume of shipments moving through the system results in packages bumping into one another, being stacked upon each other and suffering through turns, bends and long road conditions within long haul trucks. This is why all products are shipped with adequate full insurance against breakage.

Upon Delivery

We are here referring to the point of delivery when the product reaches you. Shipping is a bureaucratic process which is also big business. As such the process is governed by rules and procedures that are constructed to protect all parties involved to the best extent possible. One of the procedures used is the signing off or release of liability disclosure. Whenever a product changes hands from one party to another the shipment is signed for. This signature means that the receiving party legally agrees with the disclosure stating that the item is in good condition and free of breakage and damage. Without this procedure there would be no way to ascertain where the damage occurred and who is therefore responsible for it. Responsibility would not be fairly assigned and the entire process would break down as parties would refuse to take responsibility or pay for damaged goods. This is why it is important to inspect your water fountain shipments before accepting delivery or signing off on the bill of lading. By signing off you are indicating that the item is in satisfactory condition and this voids the insurance coverage that covers the product during shipping. Doing an insurance claim after accepting delivery is usually not possible since there is no way to determine when the damage occurred or who is responsible for paying for it. It could have happened at any point, but taking people's word for it is not recommended and does not work reliably enough when costly items are involved. Some carriers will waive this signature requirement and leave items without a signature at the delivery drivers discretion on smaller items and accept claims if reported within 48 hours, but all in person delivery's should be inspected first.

Fortunately, shipping damage is rare when you are doing business with a reputable company who specializes in water fountains and has experience packing them. When damage does occur you can protect yourself and all parties involved by following set procedures upon delivery.

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