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Running Outdoor Garden Fountain
Types Of Gardening Decor Fountains

An outdoor fountain marks your opportunity to do something uncommon with your yard. Outdoor fountains really command attention in a space, so don't hide your fountain. Use your fountain to create a point of interest outside the front door of your home, or make the fountain a destination for a garden path. Outdoor water fountains are not just for the backyard.

Outdoor fountains and waterfalls are available in many styles, from real or artificial stone, concrete, metal, fiberglass and plastic. Water features can make interesting and attractive additions to the garden and landscape scenery. They can help create a sense of privacy in the garden by masking surrounding noise. Garden fountains add a distinct element of elegance and class wherever they are placed. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an outdoor wall mounted fountain is size. These features should always be selected in proportion to the space in which they are going to be placed.

Wall fountains are perfect for gardens, patios, or balconies because they do not require floor space. They are are available in a huge variety from the classic tiered types to modern day trendy and minimalist designs. Garden accent fountains make your outdoor space more enjoyable and easily become the center of attention. These fountains can attract birds and wildlife to you area which will be interested in bathing in and drinking the moving water. With interesting textures, poses and designs you can choose the fountain that will make the best impression in your yard or garden.

You can find an outdoor fountain in fiberglass, glass fiber reinforced concrete, slate, copper, and many other materials. Garden waterfalls and garden statuary fountains will last for many years and will add elegance to your garden, patio, deck or landscaped area. The installation of these fountains varies among the different styles, but most styles are easily assembled and held together by their weight and gravity.

Garden fountains have been used for centuries. Ancient Greeks used outdoor fountains as a place for social networking. Fountains often accompanied bathhouses. Fountains also supplied the people with fresh water from aqueducts which served as a social center and a place to meet your neighbors.

Ancient Muslims, taking a cue from Persian gardens, based their water feature ideas around the replenishing properties of water. They placed a fountain in the center to replicate an oasis in the desert. In Asia, monks carefully arranged gardens to create peace and harmony, using water as a tool for meditation and contemplation. During the Renaissance period Italy became known for its lavish gardens. These areas had ornate sections carefully patterned with flowers and hedges. Water features became quite popular. Impressed with Italy's gardens, the rest of Europe's landscape soon had many gardens with water as a focal point as well as a spot for meditation.

Today no garden courtyard feels complete without some sort of garden fountain in it. Fountains can be seen everywhere. From a park or home garden, to a front yard, or deck. Architects like to use fountains to create a natural element into their designs and building courtyards. Garden fountains create a sense of serenity and elegance to any size yard. They provide a tranquil oasis in an otherwise hectic world.


Garden lighting is an important aspect to consider when decorating your outdoor area. Many people enjoy gardens at night which can be very romantic with the proper lighting. Water fountains and ponds can be lit with special submersible colored lights, waterproof flood lights can shine up on trees and outdoor string bulb lighting can be hung around seating areas.

Solar powered garden lights have become especially popular. They have a solar cell that collects energy from the sun during the day which enables the low watt bulbs to shine through the night. Solar garden lights are very easy to install and make beautiful garden accents.

An added benefit of garden lighting is that the heat from light bulbs warms the air slightly around a garden and helps delicate plants not to freeze in the winter. Remember when lighting a garden to respect the night. Aim to create light to ensure safe passage through the garden, to accent interesting garden features and to create a romantic setting without brightly illuminating every part of the garden.

Pond And Wall

These wonderful outdoor garden water fountains with one piece ponds will add a touch of elegance to your garden with an integrated water basin and pool of water. Choose from a variety of classical and modern styles to suit your home style and decor. All these garden water features showcase a display of falling water when in operation, with water flowing from the upper portions of the fountain and over tiered edges. Sunlight catches on the water feature as it cascades down which results in an exciting and dramatic visual display of water and accompanying waterfall sound.

When installing a garden wall fountain the upper sections in most cases must be anchored to a wall or fence for stability and there should be a solid surface to support the free standing water feature. These re circulating ornaments are self contained and need to have water added periodically, and the small water pump needs to be plugged in to an outlet, however they require no plumbing to operate. An auto fill can be easily added in cases where filling the feature manually is a concern.

Modern fountains for outdoor placement use styles, lines and shapes to complement the simplicity of contemporary gardens. Outdoor water fountains or garden statue fountains will last for many years and will add elegance to your garden, patio, deck or landscaped area. The installation of these water fountains varies among the different styles, but most styles are easily assembled.

It is important that large fountains blend in with the surroundings in order to feel at home in the area. Even though a tall marble fountain is very beautiful in and of itself, if it is placed in a rustic country garden setting it will invite the energy of an outsider and not ever really belong to the space. That is why there are so many outdoor garden finishes available, because it is so important to achieve just the right weathered or antique look which can vary from garden to garden.

A whole line of fountains for ponds is available which have features of both a garden pond as well as a fountain combined into one easy to assemble unit. Upper tiers cascade water from multiple levels and a lower pond section contains the water and will also serve as a still gazing pond with an upper water sculpture if the water is ever turned off.


Handcrafted fountains that are made using traditional methods help to ensure final product quality. Cast stone fountains are made utilizing a cast into which concrete is poured. This concrete dries and after it is hardened or cured the cast is removed. The cast is made by hand as well and can typically be used many times before it wears out and a new one must be made.

When concrete is poured by hand it is a superior process then when done by machine. It is possible for a person to distribute the concrete mixture within the cast, ensuring it is poured densely and reaches to all the recesses of the cast design better then any machine could. This hand pouring technique enables the mason to observe and correct and empty pockets or air bubbles that might occur during pouring which would adversely effect the final design. Packing and pouring by hand results in a crisp looking final product with solid crisp edges and full flourishes that are so often found on ornamental garden fountains.

The use of traditional methods in the creation of fountains adds individually and character. Even though cast fountains will look alike in structure, they will have a particular character that sets them apart from one another. This character is apparent in the colored finish which is applied by hand. The finish dyes are also mixed by hand and each batch will be an individual one, some lighter or darker then others. A dye batch can also have more or less of a certain color then past ones so one fountain may be more brown, lighter or rustic looking then others depending upon the exact amount of dyes measured in by the mason on that particular day.

The mason will as well hand apply the finish onto the cured product and the individual brush strokes used will result in a patterns that are entirely unique to that piece as strokes overlap one another and dye is added to the brush at different times. Such individuality is favored by the artist and collector as making the piece more valuable and special then it would otherwise be.

Whatever fountain finish you choose we will do our best to help ensure you make a wise and informed choice. Although our garden fountains are not returnable because they are each custom made to order, we do have a color palette available to help you choose a finish. We also have many photos that we can email to you of past installed fountains in their natural setting. These pictures have been extremely helpful for some customers when selecting a colored finish. These pictures can be found online.

Flowing Water

Envisioning a working fountain in your garden requires some reflection and thought. Something to keep in mind while shopping for a garden fountain is that a picture of a dry fountain does not at all convey the beauty and excitement we get with one in full operation. In fact, they look very different. Fortunately, a fountain with a full water display almost always looks better then one in a dry state. There are some things we can keep in mind when searching for a water feature that will help us better envision what it will look like in operation.

Fountains have some sort of water reservoir or basin that collects water at the bottom. This pooling of water is necessary in order to cover the water pump at adequate depth in order for it to suck water and operate effectively. Remember that any pond or open reservoir section will be full of water. This means there will be full reflection on the water surface of the surrounding environs including the sky, nearby trees and foliage as well as the Fountain Catalogs that rise above the reservoir. The water surface functions as a kind of opaque mirror. There will also be a lot of movement and ripples in the water paired with the sound of water flow.

The most traditional type of waterfall is the tiered style. This style is best in a large garden since it tends to take up a lot of space. Its tiered style allows water to cascade from higher levels to lower ones and works well placed in the center of a garden. Ornamental garden fountains also work well placed in the center because of their showy attractiveness. These fountains often contain sculptures, such as woman dancing and cherubs as well as animals and flowers. Natural looking water features with boulders and small rivers are also quite popular.

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