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A Custom Three Color Logo
Understanding Custom Logo's

The incorporation of logos is one of the most sought after custom fountain projects. People should how how beautiful and effective having a business or personal logo could be when paired with the dynamic sight and sound of running water feature. Hundreds of custom logos have been made to date, with colors that span the spectrum from standard black to vivid pastels that attract attention and effectively portray a brand, feeling or idea. Catalogs are available with wide ranging options to give customers ideas for their own logos and to serve as examples of what a final logo design may look like when paired with the many different material options available.

Techniques of Applying Logos

The techniques used to apply a logo differ depending on what material surface is used in the feature. These specific techniques ensure that the logo is optimally visible on the surface medium and adheres to the surface sufficiently over time while continually being exposed to the downward flow of water. In the majority of logo projects the logo is made to function directly under the water requiring special paints and techniques are necessary to ensure the logo both functions effectively and does not wash off and fade over in the near future.

Stone, Slate, Marble, Granite and Other Natural Surfaces

Mineral surfaces are softer then other artificial surfaces such as mirrors, Stainless Steel and glass. This enables stones to be cut with a slight recess into the material, a process known as sandblasting. This recessed area is then filled with a high quality enamel paint. The recessed indentation of the logo greatly adds to the durability of the logo and provides it with an improved quality and look over simply painting the material with no other preparation involved.

A further benefit of sandblasting is that it smooth's the material area of the logo and this eliminates any possible rough surface under the painted sections which may not look proper on the final product.

Glass and Mirror

Harder surfaces such as glass and mirror utilize some of the same techniques as those used on mineral surfaces, but the effect on glass and mirror is specific to the material. Sandblasting is commonly used for both glass and mirror logos where the rigidity of the material does not 'give' or provide hate same indentation effect as it does on natural materials that are more porous. Sandblasting produces a frosted appearance when used on glass or mirror. The fine sand particles within pressurized water where away a small amount of surface material resulting in a frosted look. On a glass waterfall the water usually flows down one side only and since you can see the logo from both sides. However, the logo is etched on one side only and appears in reverse when viewed from the backside. A frosted logo looks much better in this situation then a painted logo would, because with a painted logo it looks like it was meant to be viewed only from the front, while with a frosted logo it appears that it was made to be viewed from either side.

If you are interested in a customized logo on a water feature it is helpful to work with a reputable company like Exalted Fountains who will work with you to understand the different options available. In this way you will have the best chance of selecting the correct material to achieve the look you are after. Logos are a custom process and this means a dedicated account representative will work with you from start to finish to ensure everything comes out as planned. Custom logos are very beautiful and are one of the most attractive and effective accents you can use to advertise your business, company, brand, or just to express that great personal idea you want to have paired with the beauty of a water feature.

Developing Logo's

Prior to a logo being made a mock-up representation of the image must be made. The creation of this image is a three part process. A digital graphic representation is first made, then from this a stencil template and finally the logo is cut and painted.

Digital Graphic

The digital graphic is a computer generated image. This image is super-imposed onto an outline of the waterfall which has measurements included. The inclusion of dimensions makes it possible for the reviewer to get an idea of the proportions between the logo and the rest of the waterfall sections. The proof is in black and white so it is used to check spelling, proportion and format only. The lettering and any special images are scanned into the photo program using graphics supplied by the customer. When the logo for your water feature is ready the computer software will print the logo to scale on paper. This paper blueprint will be used to make the physical stencil.


A rigid stencil is made by placing the paper blueprint over a metal material that will remain unaffected by the abrasive sandblasting spray. The metal stencil is cut following the line guides on the paper. By shielding certain parts of the material from the abrasive sandblasting spray, the remaining sections are cut into and indentations form in these areas which are unmasked. Only areas uncovered are allowed to be cut, while areas covered by the hard stencil remain untouched.


Painting is the final step in logo creation. As mentioned previously, a special acrylic enamel paint which will resist fading and wear when exposed to the continuous force of falling water. The colors used are specific and are drawn from the Pantone Color chart which carries a full spectrum of colors in fine shades. The natural materials used are as a base for the logo and as such will vary and come right up against the logo colors. It is difficult to determine exactly how a color will look on the particular shaded color of natural stone which varies each time. Color has a peculiar way of changing depending on what color surrounds it. Sometimes this effect can even change what color people think they are seeing when looking at before and after photos of the same color!

However imperfect the color selection process may be, it is at present the closest we can come to accuracy considering the limitations we have in fountain manufacture, ordering process and shipping limitations. In addition, once the logo has been painted and the waterfall shipped out it is not feasible to redo the logo at no cost. In most cases re-shipping the waterfall and the time and labor required to redo a logo would cost more and take more time and labor then making a new one would. For these reasons we always suggest black as the safest color, but do realize that colored logos have been made for many satisfied clients and make a statement that cannot always be conveyed with black.

Get started with your custom logo today by submitting your graphic artwork to Exalted Fountains. The custom representatives at Exalted Fountains will guide you through the logo creation process and help ensure that your vision becomes reality.

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