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Urban Garden Fountain
Urban Gardening And Fountains

In centuries past, a fountain was the most finely wrought and decorative feature of a garden. In dry climates where the presence of water is highly prized a fountain symbolized an abundance of the life giving power of water. In today’s gardens, a fountain is a feature which will enhance a garden and makes an exciting project and diversion from the traditional garden tasks such as planting, pruning and growing fruits and vegetables.

The fountain in most American gardens today is a relatively simple feature but is nonetheless important, and it is often the sole architectural embellishment present. The simplest type is the pool fountain with a single stream rising in a vertical jet from the center. The structure of such a fountain consists merely of a brass nozzle on the supply pipe at the water level. An elaboration of this arrangement is a central pedestal supporting a shallow basin, from which the water drops from a rim into a pool. In such fountains, the central jet is sometimes replaces by a sculpture figure. Greater elaboration occasionally takes the form of smaller jets of water at the rim. However, more often than not in modern gardens simplicity is the keynote of a successful fountain.

City Garden Wall Fountains

The garden wall fountain is always an interesting design to consider. This can be a terminal feature at the end of a garden walkway and possesses infinite possibilities for artistic expression. Water coming from a spout or through a trough shaped stone and falling in a narrow stream to the pool below is one of the most satisfactory arrangements for the inlet.

Since fountains are architectural in character, they may be used either as the dominating feature in a garden or as a mere incidental feature. In most fountains it is necessary for small electric pumps to be installed not only to create water sprays and jets but to re-circulate the water, with allowance made for periodic addition of water either manually or using an auto-fill.

A garden and fountain should work together in harmony if they are to complement one another. This is especially important for city gardens. No garden is more artificially situated then the garden in the city and placing fountains there require due diligence. City gardens are usually cramped for space. Neighboring buildings often deprive it of sunshine and air circulation and getting heavy and large fountain pieces in and out of a city garden can be a difficult task. If, by ingenious design, the space has been well utilized and, by technical skill, the cultural requirements for healthy plant growth have been provided, such a garden can bring real satisfaction to the owner.

The surroundings of a city garden make an architectural approach to the design the most logical one. The garden site should be enclosed by a wall or fence, thus achieving definition and securing privacy. Garden wall fountains can be secured to these walls and fences and provide a buffer from outside noise through water sound. Mentally, seeing a fountain contains the attention within the boundary of the garden making it less likely a visitor will notice what lies beyond.

Roof, Terrace and Balcony Garden Fountains

Apartment living has led to the development of roof or penthouse gardens as well as gardening on terraces and balconies high above the ground. Before installing fountains in rooftop or terrace gardens on anything more than an incidental scale some preliminary factors should be considered, the load bearing capacity of the roof and water drainage. Garden fountains of the concrete variety are very stable against high winds and rain which reach increased velocity above ground and on rooftops due to less structures nearby blocking their strength. However, with this increased weight be very careful that the structure can support the fountain and that the weigh has an adequate foundation and will not crack underlying materials which could result in leaks and water damage to interior spaces below. Large garden fountains can weigh up to 2,000 lbs or more installed and remember that you also need to transport these heavy parts to the installation site, so consider the weight and your capabilities before purchasing a beautiful fountain not knowing exactly how much it weighs prior to delivery.

That said, there does exist a wide variety of fountains appropriate for balconies and terraces that a typically smaller in size. Fountains for balcony gardening come in styles that hang on the wall on a hook, and small urns and vessels that tend to require less water and are less prone to splash.

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