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Feng Shui Garden Fountain
Using Water Fountains For Feng Shui In The Garden

Water fountains have long been used as part of successful Feng Shui garden design. In order to understand how to use garden fountains for Feng Shui we need to have an understanding of the principals of Chi and Yin and Yang so that we may know how energy moves and thrives within our garden space.

Chi In the Garden

Chi is the basic and underlying energy within all things. Everything has Chi. Some Chi moves slower, like the Chi of a tree, and some Chi much quicker, like wind or water Chi. We can effect the Chi of an area by adding or subtracting natural elements that embody the Chi energy we are looking for.

First, we look at and decide how we feel about a space. In some situations we are trying to correct an existing garden which does not feel right for some reason, in other situations we are building from scratch. Fortunately, as we balance out the energies in our garden we will almost always find that what is balanced in terms of Chi also becomes pleasing to the eye. What is soothing to the eye becomes soothing to the mind. Now that we understand what we are working with we can focus on installing water fountains, streams, koi ponds, rocks, trees, flowers and other items to our garden.

We now need to look at each individual item in a more specific sense to know if it's nature is feminine (Yin) or masculine (Yang) Chi energy as we arrange them together in our garden setting.

Yin And Yang Balance

The two basic opposing forces in nature are known as Yin and Yang. Anything that opposes yet complements each other has a degree of Yin and Yang. We are talking energy here, but also physicality. Nature strives for balance and we find that balance will produce the best and most lush gardens. Now we can go further and look at how a water fountain will effect the nature of a garden.

Adding A Garden Water Fountain

Water is a Yin element. Of course, water can be very Yang at times and is one of the most destructive forces in nature under certain circumstances but it's basic nature is more Yin or passive. Water moves naturally around obstacles so water yields and moves around and overcomes obstacles with ease. Water is patient and has time. Water endures and perseveres and because of it's gentle nature embodies the qualities of mercy which is one of the highest and most noble qualities that we possess as humans. Water therefore has a place in every garden.

Water fountains when placed in a garden will stimulate and add Yin energy to an area. Tiered garden fountains are placed width open areas to circulate energy in places where there is a lot of space to act as focal points so we don't get overwhelmed and lost. Ponds are placed in a garden to facilitate inner contemplation and meditation, a very Yin activity. Koi fish can be added to the pond to represent wealth, friendship and community. Bridges can span ponds or stone paths can be made through the water to remind us that on our journey and path through life we always remember who we really are and adhere to our inner principals when faced with the many Yang challenges and trials of life.

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