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Sandblasted Logos For Wall Fountains
Wall Fountain Logo's

The use of a logo on wall fountains has become an increasingly popular option. You can choose a wall fountain in many different materials, sizes and designs. A custom fountain logo makes any water feature specifically yours and the personalization can be entirely unique in shape and color. The design of a logo is only limited by your creativity and imagination.

There are four types of logo you should be aware of when considering signage for a wall water fountain. These types of logo are sandblasted, painted, vinyl and stand-off varieties. The particular logo style you select will be limited by the material of your water feature. The main types of material that will effect the logo options are stone, mirror, glass and acrylic.

Sandblasted Logo's

A sandblasted logo is created with the use of a machine that projects a concentrated spray consisting of sand and water. The spray becomes abrasive under pressure and removes a small section of stone material to a pre-determined depth. The spray is applied over a template which has the design of your logo. The empty sections of the template are what will be cut into the stone because these blank sections will let the abrasive spray through. The solid areas of the logo template will remain untouched since the solution will not be able to penetrate beneath these areas and cut into the stone. The design template is constructed using the artwork you supply in digital format before the actual sandblasting process ensues. The design for the template is constructed in a different process and also approved by you prior to making the physical template to be used. A purely sandblasted logo will show your design as a recessed area on the stone section whether it be slate, marble, granite or some such other natural material. A sandblasted logo can also be painted in as well. Painting will increase the visibility of the logo design which can be too subtle for some people without coloring. Sandblasting of glass and mirrors is also possible but using just this method does reduce visibility, especially under running water, so glass and mirror logos are typically painted on.

Painted Designs

A painted logo is commonly used on either glass or mirrored water wall surfaces. The coloring of an acrylic painted logo stands out exceptionally well against glass and mirror. Black is usually recommended for stone logos because applying paint colors to waterfall stone is a tricky endeavor and the matching and final outcome is not easy to judge beforehand., especially if you are not present or cannot see the exact stone coloring on your wall fountain at your location, which is often the case with items ordered online and shipped to you. Once the wall waterfall is completed there is no possibility of re-doing the logo without purchasing a new stone, therefore most people choose black on slate or marble to be safe. Black is also a conservative choice and works perfectly with almost any frame, lighting and material choice.

For those using colored logos on glass or mirror there is a color chart available in digital format with hundreds of shades to choose from. The exact coloring will always, of course, be approximate with electronic catalogs and color samples, but given the limitations involved this process satisfies the needs of most discerning customers.

Stand-Off Signage

Certain customers want more punch to signage they they can achieve with a painted, sandblasted or vinyl design. A stand-off logo is constructed of a solid material. The material can be of the same type as the waterfall or made from a metal like Stainless Steel or copper and even painted to match using the finishes from the waterfall logo color chart.

Solid surface signage is constructed in a similar manner as the template from which a sandblasted design is made. That is, it is cut from the material of choice using artwork initially supplied in digital format by a customer. This solid signage can be pinned to either metal, acrylic or stone, but cannot be attached to glass or mirrors because the mounting pins would break the material. A protruding logo like this looks great with water running behind it and makes a bold statement where branding is of utmost importance, such as for name recognition in a hotel, casino or corporate environment.

Vinyl Emblems

Vinyl logos are another option for either glass, mirrored or metal wall fountains. Vinyl adheres well to metal surfaces such as copper and Stainless Steel on some of the top end wall water fountains. A vinyl logo can also be made and easily applied by a sign fabricator after the fountain is installed, which makes it easier to ensure you get the colors and sizing correct before the logo is made.

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