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Rajah Slate
Wall Fountain Stone Types

Natural Slate

Natural slate is the classic material that has been around since wall fountain inception. The classic slate fountains are thick solid slabs of stone which have a chipped edge on the vertical sides. This chipped edge technique showcases the depth of the stone and also gives it a natural rustic look. The colors available on natural slate vary with time as different quarries are examined and different depths within the earth are reached. The popular colors and hues currently are Rajah (earth toned browns, tans and rusts), green and black. There is also a current inventory of primarily browns and tans and gold and blacks.


A newer material for fountain stone is marble. Marble wall fountains tend to be more striking and bold then slate. This boldness is mostly due to the vivid color and striking lines that are inherent to marble. In addition to coloring, the current marble being used has petrified tree roots within the stone that show up beautifully when the marble is cut and polished to a smooth flat surface. The two marble colors on the market with the petrified roots are green rainforest and brown rainforest. There is also a black spider marble that does not have as many roots, but does possess a particularly striking modern design with black and white coloring.

Featherstone Slate

In the current consumer market there is sometimes a need for wall fountains that can be simply and quickly installed in a minimum amount of time. One of the ways to achieve this ease is by reducing the weight of the stone which enable the fountain to be installed by one person rather then several. The lightweight also facilitates mounting because there is less a need to locate as many wall studs to support the weight of the water feature. Some featherstone models also have metal trimming on the vertical edges that gives the waterfall smooth edges and tends to look more modern then the chipped edges found on the classic slate slabs. A drawback to Featherstone is that it is a veneer over a lightweight material so it can feel and appear less genuine to some people then classic slate would.

Rajah NSI™ Lightweight Slate

Here we have taken a mold from a piece of genuine Indian Rajah slate and made a veneer which has been fused to a composite material with the same chipped edge technique traditionally used on thick slate slabs, making it practically indistinguishable from real slate. All the beauty is maintained and this process reduces fountain weight by 90%.

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