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Advanced Building Construction - Water As Building Material
Advanced Building Construction - Water As Building Material

In constructing buildings in varied climates we need to take into consideration the effect of weather and environment. Another important aspect of successful design in knowledge of a locales religion and life philosophy. This knowledge and attitude towards life influences building design and makes a structure comfortable for the residents and the lifestyle of those who reside there.

In extreme climates exposure to water is embraced as either a fact of daily life or as a scarce and prized resource. Also, depending on the climate we can use to substitute for solid building materials in ways which are both unique, luxurious and beautiful.

Let us survey some of the advanced and interesting ways of using water in construction.

Floating water walls can substitute for windows and interior walls. A water wall serves as an excellent room divider, enables light to flow freely through a room and creates movement that excites the area and both moves and humidifies the air.

Water can be used to enhance the spirituality of a place and support the beliefs of it's residents. Many religions view water as a holy substance under the correct conditions. Part of this belief probably stems from the fact that life cannot exist on earth without water and the fact that a good deal of the human body is composed of water. We can embrace this belief by ensuring water is passed before people enter a residence, by building garden ponds at the front of a property, constructing bridges as part of entryway paths or placing urns filled with water near outer doorways.

As water becomes more accepted as a design feature, especially in the western hemisphere we can now use furniture that has water as an integral component of it's construction. Lamps are available that have bubbling water and integrated lighting. There are also dining and sitting tables that have streams of water flowing through them. Small fountains are very common that can be placed on your wall and sit on tables throughout a home. We can even use mattresses that hold water which will softly rock us to sleep.

In many cultures life and leisure takes place primarily outdoors. Practically every society has some sort of garden or leisure area that enables people to enjoy nature and see the sky, trees and sunshine. This makes enhancing outdoor areas of special importance. Garden fountains are integral to many of these areas and add to the relaxing atmosphere and feeling of enjoyment we find there. A good garden fountain, if selected with care, becomes part of the building material of a structure and acts as an extension of nearby homes.

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