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Water Feature Metal Selection

Stainless Steel

One of the great things about Stainless Steel is that it resists markings and other discoloration when exposed to water. This trait makes caring for Stainless Steel fairly easy and the metal lasts a long time due to it's durability. Stainless Steel is also very pretty. It's shine gives a feeling of sterility and newness that can make a room feel fresh and modern. One of the best types of Stainless Steel that is currently used on some water features is type 304 Stainless Steel. The number 304 signifies thickness and means that the metal will be very solid and durable and resist flex while on your fountain and wall.


Copper is probably one of the best metal you can get for a beautiful appearance, while still being affordable and feasible for manufacturing. The suppleness and unique vivid colors is what makes copper stand apart from other materials like Stainless Steel or acrylic. By heating copper a wide variety of different hues and rainbow-like patinas can be put directly into the metal. These designs will not wash away after the metal is cooled, but rather become permanent colorings of the metal. The colors can range from greens, reds, yellows and bronzes depending upon the intensity and duration of heat applied and the skill of the crafter.

Powder Coatings

Practically any type of metal can be successfully powder coated. Steel is used on some water features , however it must be carefully powder coated and sealed to prevent rust and oxidation. A whole palette of colors is available to apply that are baked on durable coatings that will last for many years. Using powder coated steel can be less expensive then other types of metal on certain fountain styles which helps keep the price down and makes it easier for everyone to be able to afford an indoor waterfall. There is further reading powder coatings for indoor fountains if you are interested in tailoring your fountain in this manner.


Cell cast acrylic has been used on many water features for quite some time. Of course, the ease of manufacture using acrylic is certainly one of the things that this material has going for it. Acrylic is liquid when it is heated and therefore can be molded and cooled into almost any form. With acrylic we also have the ability to color the material with very vivid colors that are part of the material and will not wash off. For other types of water feature, like bubble walls, acrylic becomes especially important. With a bubble wall, acrylic enables us to use the feature safely indoors and is a good substitute for glass both in terms of manufacturing shapes and optical quality.

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