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Blending Water Features With Architecture And Interior Design
Blending Water Features With Architecture And Interior Design

Good architecture and interior design is based on well thought out principals that take into consideration many different philosophies and approaches. Feng Shui is a Chinese principal that has been used in this area. The water aspect of Feng Shui has been traditionally associated with good fortune and wealth. Water features for indoor and garden are an excellent way to bring the spiritual and physical forces of water into modern architecture and design.

Harmonious living using furniture, design and fountains is the art and practice of Feng Shui. The effective arrangement of the cardinal forces of nature through physicalsymbolism improves our health, wealth, success and happiness. Feng Shui means wind and water, which are two of the most important elements in effective interior design and architecture.

Water Features And Chi

Anything with water carries Chi energy. This includes fountains, waterfalls and garden ponds. The more movement the water has the more Yang or masculine Chi energy. If the water is quiet or still the energy is more feminine or Yin. There needs to be a balance between Yin and Yang for comfortable and effective architectural design. This balance must exist both within the dwelling as well as in outside gardens and landscaping. One of the best ways of balancing energy between inside and outside areas is with garden fountains which can be placed near doorways and entrances to purify and enhance energy before it enters a building. The energy is generated and purified by water and transported through the home by wind. This is why wind is just as important as water for Feng Shui design.

Wind And Architecture

When we speak of wind we are looking at how Chi energy is disbursed throughout an area. If energy does not circulate it will become stale and stagnate in one area. Lack of circulation can also cause a buildup of energy that becomes too strong and overwhelms, resulting in depression, lethargy, obsession and more subtle conditions. Since we are verging into an esoteric area let me illustrate this with a concrete example. Suppose we were to obtain some cherished photos and other memorabilia of a deceased relative and situate them in a dark corner of our home where there were no windows, not much natural light and a water feature on the wall. Here we would be, esoterically speaking, pouring Chi energy into the area which would accumulate with no outlet. By extension, I suspect, our thoughts of our deceased relative would turn towards their death, their burial and the more physical aspects of what they were. I would much rather increase air circulation and natural sunlight, which happen to go hand in hand in most cases, to this area and let my thoughts of them become ones of growth, transition and freedom. Thus, fountain placement works hand in hand with intent according to established principals.

Circulation is good, but as in all things balance is required or the force becomes a hindrance. If wind is allowed to flow too quickly through an area without settling and pooling it potentially becomes a destructive force that makes us anxious or overly excited. This is why the dragon is such a powerful and auspicious creature in Chinese philosophy. The dragons tail curves as it moves, never in a straight line. If we can move with the flow of energy as found in natural waterways and streams we could access much more happiness, contentment and wealth then we could by trying to accumulate it for ourselves, possibly as a result of a deep down lack of faith or fear of losing it. We can use this idea from Chinese philosophy in many areas of life. What we have and who we are needs to flow out to others, rather then being hoarded and accumulated. This is why it is said that demons always travel in a straight line. They don't have faith in the goodness of the world, so they strive to accumulate power in the quickest and strongest manner which eventually defeats them just like a fierce wind howling through a home.

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