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Bubbler Water Feature
Water Features For Outdoor Restaurants and Cafe's

Some of the best restaurant and cafe venues incorporate outdoor seating into the area. The availability of outdoor seating has many benefits for both the restaurant or cafe and also the patrons. There are a couple types of water features that are particularly appropriate when used in conjunction with consumption areas outside that provide a great visual water display and also create a soothing ambient water sound. The two types are the pond with bubble water jets seen in the picture to the left and the traditional self-contained garden fountain varieties.

How Water Features Benefit Outdoor Venues

Providing customers with a venue that includes a water feature has several benefits that make thee additions worthwhile. First of all, the ability to watch a water display is extremely captivating and enjoyable in it's own right. This activity virtually ensures that customers will linger longer then they otherwise would have. Assuming the venue is not over crowded and new customers are not waiting for places to sit, keeping current patrons at the location is of primary importance to increase sales. The longer customers remain the more likely it becomes that they will purchase more things. Even if they do not purchase more they will become more familiar with the establishment which will increase the chances of them remembering to return in the future where they can enjoy the water feature and relax.

Another benefit that water features have for a restaurant of cafe is the sound factor. A water feature creates a pleasant ambient sound that is steady and predictable and therefore relaxing. Ambient sound masks the more unexpected sounds of other people conversing, talking on phones, noises from the kitchen, traffic noise and other sources of sound that can create anxiety. Even though external sounds are partially masked by a water feature it is usually still possible to hold an audible conversation with those you are conversing with. This is where the importance of selecting the right size and type of water feature for the location comes into play.

Water Feature Types For Outdoor Eating and Drinking Establishments

Selecting the right size and type of water feature for a particular venue is of particular importance. The correct style, size and placement will ensure that the feature is noticeable, enjoyable and does not overwhelm the area with spectacle and sound. Correct size and positioning will ensure customers are comfortable and entertained which will keep them around longer and should result in increased sales for the establishment.

Bubble Jet Ponds

A bubbling water jet feature is an excellent way to add the benefits of water to an outdoor area. A patio area with tables and chairs can be bordered by a concrete pond with built-in water jets. Water jets are used throughout the basin a produce a lively sound of bubbling or cascading water like the ones pictured to the left. These jets also create a ripple effect in the water that are very entertaining to watch while enjoying a meal or coffee. This type of concrete pond is more expensive to build initially, but they may pay off in the long run by requiring little maintenance and upkeep. Another benefit to this type of water feature is that there is little concern about the feature being damaged or knocked over like there can be with a free standing fountain. The safety of a concrete pond also reduces the liability issue from something falling over and injuring a customer or the weather blowing over or freezing parts of the fountain which could later result in cracking.

An enclosed water jet pond is excellent when viewing from a distance which is great for attracting potential customers who are walking or driving by. This style is also viewable from a wide angle so people do not have to turn their heads to look, or appear to be staring at others looking in the same direction from the adjacent sides.

Classical Styles

A more classical water feature style is the traditional tiered fountain. A tiered fountain cascade is simple to add and does not have to be built into the structure. This makes a free standing classical fountain easy to add at a later time as needs and circumstances require. This type of fountain is self-contained so no plumbing is necessary which enables them to be placed anywhere and moved around as circumstances require. Pond sections can always be used on free-standing fountains which both adds to stability and safety by reducing the likelihood that someone will bump into the tiered section and knock it over. Both one-piece and larger outdoor pond copings with liner sections are available. A pond will also vastly increase the water cascade sound and produce the water ripple display that so many people find appealing.

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