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Wall Fountain Logo Idea
Water Fountain Logo Ideas

A great deal of excitement is in the air regarding personalized water fountains with logos. New technology has enabled the application of images which can be placed onto materials including genuine slate stone, marble mirror and glass. Moreover, the techniques developed for the application of fountain logos make it possible for the logos to stand up to years of use even when used on a water fountain while in direct contact with water flow.

The exciting thing about a logo fountain is that the image you can use is limited only by your imagination. There is also a color chart in which you can select colors for the logo in either one color or a combination of colors that will result in a vibrant sight and bring your vision to life.

Methods Of Applying Logo's

The method and technique of applying a logo to a fountain differs depending on the material surface used in each case. Applying a logo to a solid surface such as slate or marble utilizes a sandblasting technique that projects a fine spray of water with a sand additive onto the panel surface which cuts slightly into the material due to the abrasive character of the sand within the water. The remainder of the material outside the logo is protected from the sand and water spray by a template placed over the stone surface with a cutout of the logo image. Only the areas in which the logo is to be cut are exposed to the abrasive spray using this technique.

After the logo is sandblasted and dried a high quality acrylic paint is typically applied to the sandblasted areas to make the logo stand out best against the material surface and in conjunction with water running over it. The painting step does not have to be done, however the logo may be very subtle and perhaps difficult to see if left unpainted.

When a logo is to be applied to a mirror or glass material a different technique is used whereby the glass or mirror is not cut into. Rather, a mask is used in a similar manner as with stone, but the exposed logo area is simply painted with a high quality acrylic enamel in the selected colors. A customer chooses their logo color beforehand and selects their choice of color by number from the paint manufacturer's color chart. Currently, we are using ©Pantone Colors on most water fountain styles. The color chart is available in electronic format and the colors are as close an approximation as is possible to the actual color without seeing the color physically. The paint canisters are then ordered from the paint supplier and will arrive in time for fountain production. The paint quality is such that it will not wash off or fade as a result of being exposed to many years of contact with the water flow.

One of the biggest challenges to selecting water fountain logo colors is that they can't be seen together with the material each time without being made first. Sometimes a client will choose a novel color from the color chart which looks good on paper, but which in fact clashes with or does not otherwise look appealing when coupled with a natural stone surface which will vary each time in coloring and markings due tot he natural materials used.

There is always a disclaimer that warns the customer that black is recommended for logo colors and that there is no warranty on how colors will look against the stone. Once the logo is made it is not possible to change it without making a new fountain. Black logos are therefore safer because we know with a reasonable certainty how the logo will appear.

Selecting A Logo

The possibilities for fountain logos are endless and limited only by your imagination. The reason we can have such a multiplicity o images as logos is because you must submit a logo in digital format and this image will be processed and used to make the logo mask to cut and paint the logo using the techniques discussed above.

There are limitations to logo designs. A logo can be any two dimensional shape, but cannot contain fine detail as for example a photograph of a face or a picture of a sunset. Logos are usually required to be submitted in a high quality EPS format file, but we can work with JPE images as well and attempt to process them to fir the digital requirements for logo processing.

Some of the most popular logos include company logo designs, abstract shapes and wording or lettering. You can also use passages from religious texts, dedications to friends, family members or employees. Other ideas include religious symbols and other designs that convey personal meaning or stand for a company or organization that is known well enough to be recognized by a symbol or character.

Water fountain logo ideas are an exciting way way to personalize and bring your own vision to life accented by a beautiful cascade of light and water. Some reflection will be needed to determine what material, color and design you ultimately choose, but in the end the fountain will be uniquely you and it will be an original.

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