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Water Fountain Logo Methods

If you have been considering a water fountain with a logo for either branding or personal reasons you should be aware of the different methods available of applying logos. These methods will effect the overall logo appearance and also how the logo interacts with the water. Methods of applying logos include sandblasting, painting, vinyl application and stand-off logos. Each method is a custom procedure and has it's own unique character that sets it apart from other styles.

The Sandblasting Method

Sandblasting is one of the most popular logo methods and people like this method due to it's beauty and simplicity. Sandblasting is a technique that uses a high pressure stream of water with suspended sand particles mixed in. When the stream comes into contact with stone, mirror, glass or other surface the water has an abrasive effect that gently wears away the surface material into which it comes into contact. This wearing away of material is what results in a frosted appearance on glass or mirror or a recessed area on a softer material like slate or marble. Just like with the painting method a stencil is first made from a material like plastic that is placed over the surface of the fountain face. The abrasive water stream is applied to the stencil over the fountain with uniform pressure. The cut out areas of the stencil, representing the logo design, are gently worn away by the abrasive effect of the sand.

The Painting Method

By it's very nature the painting method allows a logo to be applied in almost any color. The Pantone Color Chart has hundreds of paint color choices that range through the color spectrum. These color swatches can be indicated by numbered code making them easy to specify on a water fountain. It can be tricky to visualize a color on a final product like natural stone or marble because each stone is different and surrounding material can alter how a color appears in isolation. When working with fountain stones the sandblasting technique is used in conjunction with painting. FIrst, sandblasting is used to wear away a section of material and then paint is applied into this recessed area. This works to both smooth the surface under then painted area and also enables a thicker layer of paint which is still flush with the surrounding stone material. Painting can be applied to natural stone materials as well as to glass, mirror, acrylic and metal surfaces like Stainless Steel and copper.

The Vinyl Method

Making a logo from vinyl is similar to the technique that is used when constructing a stencil for painting, but in reverse. The areas that will comprise the logo sections are traced and then the sections outside these areas are cut away. This leaves the vinyl material that is applied to the water fountain surface. The vinyl is applied to the rear glass surface so that the logo is visible from the front. Vinyl logos do not usually work well with natural stone because the surface material is not flush enough and is more compatible with the painting method. Vinyl logo methods work best with glass or mirrored surfaces.

Stand-Off Method

The stand-off method is unique and beautiful in design and has the particular ability to become part of the fountain architecture to a significant degree. A stand-off logo is made using a similar method used for the vinyl logo. A stencil is constructed from a provided graphic and applied over a rigid material such as copper, acrylic or Stainless Steel. Anchor pins are used to secure the sections to the fountain material. The logo stands off over the water surface and remains very visible and pronounced and appears like part of the water fountain frame. Stand-off logos are best applied to natural stone surfaces, acrylic or metal water fountain materials. They don't work well with mirrored or glass waterfalls because the pins need to pierce the material and anchor the logo from behind.

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