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Selecting Your Own Waterfall Stone

One of the things that makes owning an indoor waterfall unique and enjoyable is that the materials come directly from nature. This distinctiveness gives each piece of stone it's own character since no two natural sections of stone or marble are ever identical. This enables people to have something in their homes that cannot be precisely duplicated anywhere else and gives a feeling that the piece is special to them and this feeling can add to the value and enjoyment of the waterfall.

However, due to these slight variations in natural materials, some customers want to take the process a step further and actually select the stone piece they will receive. This makes the item even more tailored to the tastes and preferences of the buyer. Some people prefer a lighter color stone and others like darker hues. There are also stone pieces some with more fluctuation in the colors and others will be more uniform and consistent. The marble pieces can be even more diverse due to the natural petrified tree roots running through the stone that give the appearance of veins and the colors and strength of the roots can change the feeling of a waterfall from subtle to strong depending on the amount and size of the roots present, and also to a lesser extent the direction in which they run.

Although choosing your own stone can be enjoyable, it is also very labor and time intensive. Each stone must be lifted and set aside to enable a picture to be taken. Since the stone slabs are one of the heaviest pieces of a waterfall they sometimes need to be grasped with a small crane and hoisted apart from the others to get a clear picture. Furthermore, rinsing the stone piece or wiping it down is sometimes necessary to reveal the markings and remove dust and other things that may be on the stone surface as it sits in the warehouse over time. The pictures will then be loaded into the computer and emailed to a customer for selection. When a selection is made the stone of choice will be set aside and marked to ensure that the chosen stone is sent.

The process of moving stones and taking pictures is typically charged extra due to the time and effort involved. A stone selection program is available on some wall fountains and floor waterfalls so ask if you are unsure or want to select your own fountain stone. Also, don't forget to choose a metal for your fountain wisely in conjunction with your stone type.

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