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San Remo San Remo

The San Remo is a very ornate and showy design that has a water cascade from the top and cascading down over the ornate sections. The four lion heads are also functional and flow water out in spurts from the mouth. The result is a great water display and good sound...

Kensington Kensington

The Kensington includes small water spouts on the side of the center finial that stream water into tiered section below. This fountain creates a nice cascade and water sound...

Windsor Windsor

The Windsor has a very ornate design and creates good water sound with water flowing from the top over the top tier and central sculpture. The four lion's heads and the top urn have functional spouts that will pour water out in four individual streams andding complexity and excitement to the cascade...

Marina 4-Tier Marina 4-Tier

This is a very large and impressive fountain with a great water cascade and waterfall sound. This size would be perfect for placing in a circular driveway island...

Solara Quadra Pond Solara Quadra Pond

The water cascade begins at the top finial and cascades over the circumference of the upper tiers. This fountain creates a good waterfall display along with the pleasant sound of falling water...

Porta Elisa 3-Tier Porta Elisa 3-Tier

Water cascades down from the top filling all three tiered sections. This fountain creates a nice waterfall display and sound of falling water...

Princesse Princesse

Cascading water creates a great waterfall effect as it pools inside the basins and cascades over the circumference of the higher tiers. This fountain creates a nice waterfall display and sound of falling water...

Imperiale Imperiale

The action of the flowing water pools inside the tiered sections and cascades over the edge of the higher tiers and top finial. The spectacle and sounds of the color and shiny water are exciting. The Imperiale is one of the classics in our collection and has a great old world design..

Ariston Ariston

Water fills the tiers and cascades over the rim of the two upper tiers and bubbles up from the finial at the top. The water flow on this fountain creates a lively cascade and water sound...

Grimaldi Grimaldi

Cascading water flows from the top and cascades down over the ornate sculpture. The spectacle and relaxing sounds are amazing. The Grimaldi is a classic design and will add much old world charm to your garden...

Talenti Talenti

Refined techniques have enabled materials that approximate the look and feel of stone to be used in fountain creation. One of these materials is cast stone which is a high quality dense concrete mixture...

Monegasque Monegasque

Water flows from the top finial and over the first two tiers creating a lovely cascade. The spectacle and sounds of the color and glistening water are extraordinary...

Italica Italica

This ornate design will show off the water cascade well which flows over the upper tiers and falls into the lower basin. The display and sounds of the color and shimmering water are extraordinary...

Imperia Antica II Imperia Antica II

Water collects inside the basin and pours out from your choice of water spout. You can order this fountain with your choice of concrete, rustic copper or solid bronze water spout. The bronze spout is cast in Italy and is of excellent quality...

Pricing Starting at $1,190
Bassano Bassano

Cascading water fills the tiers and cascades over the rims of the higher tiers. The display and sounds of the color and glistening water are remarkable...

Olive Grove Olive Grove

The Olive Grove is attractive, but not flashy. A decorated upper wall section ond pedestal base work together in harmony as the spout channels water into a lower reservoir bowl...

Uva 2-Tier Uva 2-Tier

Cast stone fountains begin with a thought, a sketch is prepared and then a drawing to scale. Next, an original is sculpted, a cast made and concrete cast into the mold. Following curing, the final piece is hand finished in a color of the new owners choosing...

Thermae Thermae

These fountains take their inspiration from many of the traditional fountain styles of Italy, including their intricate ornamental appearance...

Mc Cloud Falls Mc Cloud Falls

This small water feature is made to look like a natural wood sculpture. This style may be perfect for any area on your patio, garden or deck...

Burney Falls Burney Falls

Burney Falls resembles a piece of wood in your garden. This waterfall design is made to look like a piece of wood and can be ordered in your choice of finish. Outdoor water features are delightful additions to any garden...

Timber Rock Falls Timber Rock Falls

This outdoor garden fountain is handcrafted individually for each order with a custom hand applied finish, of which no two are ever exactly the same...

Creekwood Creekwood

Decorate your patio or garden with the Creekwood. Made to look like a natural tree trunk, the Creekwood will blend right into forested areas...

Upper Falls Upper Falls

Upper Falls is designed to look like a tree trunk and fountain in one. This fountain could make a nice addition to a patio or outdoor seating area...

Riverwood Riverwood

The Riverwood is made of cast stone made to look like a natural piece of riverwood...

Moderna, Vinci and Lucca Moderna, Vinci and Lucca

These water cascades are perfect for small garden areas or patios since they are self-contained and easy to setup...

Pricing Starting at $600
Rock Falls Rock Falls

Resembling a stack of stones, Rock Falls can add a nice ambiance and creek sound to outdoor areas, patio's and decks which may not be near a natural water source...

Piazza Veneta, Montecatini and Corte Piazza Veneta, Montecatini and Corte

This interesting assortment of fountains can be placed in many areas around your garden. The Montecatini and Corte have water spouts that are especially attractive on these styles when paired with your choice of fountain finish...

Pricing Starting at $600
2 and 3-Tier with Ball 2 and 3-Tier with Ball

Water flows up from the top sphere and down over the top part of the sculpture creating an interesting water sculpture for your garden...

Pricing Starting at $1,010
Cathedral and Four Seasons Cathedral and Four Seasons

Water pools within the basins and pours in four streams from spouts or face figurines. The view and sounds of the color and shimmering water are exciting...

Prima and Tapered Prima and Tapered

Water bubbles from the top of the sphere or from within the bowl and fills the levels below as it flows downwards over the upper sculpture sections...

Pricing Starting at $770

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