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Tiered Outdoor Fountain With Lighting
Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains can be used in garden areas, on porch and balconies and other outdoor areas. Our outdoor water fountain line includes cast concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete styles that are very durable and stand up to the elements well. The glass fiber variety has an extra material built in that helps the feature resist cracking as a result of fluctuating temperatures. Garden fountains are among the most popular styles of outdoor fountain. Garden fountains engage the senses with the soothing sound and dynamic visual of moving water.

Garden fountains can add a unique element to any outdoor space and are very elegant and attractive water features when they are selected and placed with thought and care. the outdoor water fountain line includes the ability to select your own fountain finish when ordering which will further increase your ability to receive a fountain that blends in well with your particular home and personal style. The finishes include greens, browns and reds as well as specialty colors that are meant to resemble antique statues and produce a timeless appearance.

Garden Fountains

One of the best ways of enhancing a garden is to add a water feature. Fountains for the garden have stood the test of time as aesthetic accents that bring enjoyment and a pleasant atmosphere to outside living. From traditional styles to contemporary designs, there is a water fountain for every garden. Our extensive selection of the highest quality garden water fountains will enhance your home or place of business. The standard concrete garden fountains are made from a manual process one at a time. To truly appreciate the thought and care that goes into making an outdoor garden fountain consider the process of constructing one.

The exterioirl fountain design can be drawn from anything. It could be a shape or inspiration from nature, a result of personal experience, a religious experience or the result of the needs and desires of others. This initial impression is then set to paper and a sketch is made. This sketch is then fine tuned into a scaled drawing to size. Now a prototype is constructed out of solid material from which an outer mold is made. This mold is used as the shape into which concrete is cast to form all the fountains to follow using this particular design. When the wet concrete has cured it is removed from the mold and the fountain is finished by hand in a custom finish color which you select.

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