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Trinity Falls Collection Trinity Falls Collection

Trinity wall fountains are simply unrestrained, cool and collected art in motion...

Pricing Starting at $8,100
Solace Falls Collection Solace Falls Collection

Escape the stresses of daily life, collapse into your living space and dissolve all tensions with Solace...

Pricing Starting at $16,000
Double Elements Collection Double Elements Collection

Empty walls come to life when embraced with the beauty and sounds of Double Elements...

Pricing Starting at $13,200
Mirage Falls Collection Mirage Waters Collection

Escape the stresses of daily life, collapse into your living space and dissolve all tensions with Mirage Waters...

Pricing Starting at $6,000
Standing Falls Collection Standing Falls Collection

Infuse your walls with energy and sheer brilliance, with the high impact of the Standing Falls...

Pricing Starting at $9,100
Harmony Falls Collection Harmony Falls Collection

Harmony is just that, the perfect mix of sight and sound to balance your environment...

Pricing Starting at $6,700
Chi Falls Collection Chi Falls Collection

Empower that forgotten wall with the majestic waters of Chi Falls...

Pricing Starting at $5,200
Serene Falls Collection Serene Falls Collection

Enhance an entrance with a stunning finish of copper in a Serene Falls...

Pricing Starting at $4,100
Serenity Falls Collection Serenity Falls Collection

Serenity Falls adds relaxation and elegance into almost any available space...

Pricing Starting at $3,200
Serendipity Falls Collection Serendipity Falls Collection

Serendipity can easily transform average walls into a beautiful focal point...

Pricing Starting at $2,100
Arizona Arizona

The Arizona is artistically framed in our soft toned Autumn hand-cut slate with flame torched copper in-lay top and bottom...

Pricing Starting at $4,725
Stainless Face Stainless Face

Premium industrial grade 304 stainless steel is used for the frame. Available with an optional dry erase white board to give sparkle to your boardroom, classroom or meeting presentations...

Pricing Starting at $8,220
Copper Face Copper Face

Premium industrial grade 304 stainless steel and premium guage copper is is used for the frame and he patina copper face panel is quite beautiful and marbled...

Pricing Starting at $8,220
Textured Stainless Textured Stainless

The textured stainless steel panel has been specially made with a diamond pattern to give character and definition to the water flow. This textured surface introduces definition and aeration into the cascade...

Pricing Starting at $8,418
Textured Copper Falls Textured Copper Falls

The textured patina copper face has been specially grooved to create visual complexity within the water flow. These vertical grooves enable the waterfall to produce waves in the cascade which adds to water complexity and aeration...

Pricing Starting at $9,159
Full Radius Full Radius

The Full Radius includes our PathoBan AG254 Antimicrobial Cleaning Systemâ„¢ which eliminates bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms...

Pricing Starting at $6,736
Half Radius Half Radius

Premium industrial grade 304 stainless steel is used which gives the overall waterfall a much sturdier, solid and quality feel then you get with standard grade stainless steel...

Pricing Starting at $6,736
Prado Patina Tree Prado Patina Tree

An ultra slim wall hanging design enables this water feature to function similar to a wall hanging sculpture or painting, except this one includes real moving water and sound...

Prado Patina Stainless Steel Prado Patina Stainless Steel

Natural slate is framed by a patina steel frame with brushed stainless steel accents...

Prado Patina Prado Patina

Patina stainless steel and a brushed stainless steel inner border frames an inner core of natural slate and internal waterfall...

Prado Stainless Steel Aged Copper Prado Stainless Steel Aged Copper

Aged copper and brushed stainless steel work beautifully together. In the center a piece of natural slate creates the backdrop to an internal waterfall with real moving water and sound...

Apache Chief Apache Chief

The Apache Chief is artistically framed in our rich toned Sunset Glory hand cut slate with a standard mirror as its water surface. Each fountain is completely unique in color, texture, and personality...

Pricing Starting at $6,800
Attica Crown Attica Crown

The Attica Crown is a handcrafted piece of art. The design to the Attica Crown is practical having simple lines with a gentle arch at the top and bottom...

Pricing Starting at $2,000
Tuscan Rose Tuscan Rose

Tuscan Rose is a handcrafted water sculpture. This fountain is completely one of a kind, showcasing natural rustic travertine, decorative arch molding, and a chiseled rose centered at the top...

Pricing Starting at $3,800
Apache Apache

Although this fountain only occupies six and a half square feet, it packs a big punch and is sure change the environment no matter where it is located...

Pricing Starting at $1,650
Ruamoko Ruamoko

The Ruamoko is a truly unique feature that is sure to impress. Both the top and bottom arch outwards, and the base actually wraps around the whole bottom of feature. Recessed into the stone is flame torched copper which appears to be blowing directly out of the stone...

Pricing Starting at $3,400
Tribal Sunset Tribal Sunset

Tribal Sunset is a handcrafted piece of art artistically framed in slate matched with brushed inlayed copper. This feature is the first of its kind to have an optional edgeless design. After assembly, the stone is sealed with a satin finish which accentuates the rich colors and textures...

Pricing Starting at $4,725
Vesuvius Vesuvius

Vesuvius is much like a piece of volcanic rock. Full of deep ridges and ever changing thicknesses, each piece of stone is truly one of a kind. Its heavy texture, and rich color create a piece of art that sets itself aside from any other water feature of its size...

Pricing Starting at $1,815
Fleur De Lis Fleur De Lis

A beautiful piece of art that framed in a stone full of deep colors and texture which greatly compliment its flowing arch design. At the top of the feature the stone is cut to resemble pedals of a flower, and at the bottom is the Fleur De Lis made from flame torched copper...

Pricing Starting at $2,145
Orion Guitar Orion Guitar

Absolutely the very first of its kind, the guitar is proportioned perfectly resembling a real electric guitar. As the lines of water cast over the sand blasted frets gives the impression of actual strings. On the bottom you will find a brushed aluminum pickup with functional switches and knobs...


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