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Reflection Creek
Reflection Creek

Choose from an array of panel materials including natural slate, shimmering mirror or authentic rainforest and black spider marble. The slates of India are legendary for their beautiful coloring and quality composition. Color variation and texture will be seen in the remarkable natural materials and metals used and will be unique to each waterfall. The photo above is a sample only. If you need to pick your exact stone we do have a photo program whereby we can email pictures of stones in the warehouse and send them to you. The upper lighting shines down on the water and surface material making the waterfall visible day or night. The water creates a beautiful shimmering cascade over the panel surface material and generates excellent sound.

The multicolor and green slates of India are used for their legendary beautiful coloring and quality composition. Within the rainforest marble you will find petrified tree roots in the brown and green varieties that give each slab a unique character. These designs have formed over many years as the result of organic material being encapsulated within the stone and subjected to extreme pressures within the earth.

$1,199 - $1,249 $899 - $999

Free Shipping within the Continental USA
(Alaska, Hawaii and other locations quoted individually)

Some Recently In Stock Stones (One Of Each Type)
(Click to enlarge / Mouseover to view the stone name)
(We can email you the immediately available stones upon request if you want to reserve particular ones for your waterfall)
Black Spider MarbleChavo TravertineFantasy TravertineFantasy TravertineGreen SlateGrindio TravertineMagnifico TravertineMulticolor SlatePatagonia Blue GranitePatagonia Red GranitePiano TravertineRainforest Brown MarbleRainforest Green Marble
Frame Finish and Materials
(Click to enlarge / Mouseover to view description)
Rustic CopperStainless SteelBlackened CopperCopper VeinAntique BronzeWoodland BrownSilver MetallicTextured Black
Frame Style On Upper And Lower Trays (Rounded Off Or Squared)
(Mouseover to view description)
Squared Frame Style
Rounded Frame Style
  • Because all our stones are natural, they are unique in color and texture and will vary from the pictures shown. Heat marbling on copper materials may vary. All pictures are examples only.
  • One water pump (210 gph, direct drive, 6' cord)
  • Written installation and maintenance guide
  • Installation and maintenance DVD
  • Molded anti-leak reservoir liner
  • Pebble beach splash guard
  • Down lights (three lights)
  • Assembly required
  • Multicolor pebbles
  • Square corners
  • On-off switch
  • Wall mounted
Upgrade Options
  • Etched logo - one color - (+$595), each additional color (+$150)
  • LED light blubs (includes remote) - 3 lights (+$60)
  • White, black or striped pebbles - 2 bags (+$40)
  • Cut down height - some limits apply (+$150)
  • Round frame corners (+$150)
  • Outdoor hood cover (+$275)
  • Indoor hood cover (+$175)
  • Stone selection (+$150)
  • On-off remote (+$75)
  • Dimensions
    • 38" width x 5" depth x 27" height
  • Weight
    • Multicolor and green slate
      • Installed - 90 lbs, Shipping - 130 lbs
    • Brown and green rainforest marble
      • Installed - 90 lbs, Shipping - 130 lbs
    • Black spider marble
      • Installed - 90 lbs, Shipping - 130 lbs
    • Silver and bronze mirror
      • Installed - 55 lbs, Shipping - 65 lbs
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Premium metal components
  • Beautiful natural materials
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • No plumbing required
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-crafted
  • High quality
  • In stock
  • Usually ships within 48 hours
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