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Pharaoh II
Pharaoh II

The Pharaoh II is a handcrafted piece of art. Much like its earlier cousin the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh II is a water feature with a very distinctive tapering shape. The feature is smaller than the original but still just as amazing. The Pharaoh II fountain is a shape all in itself. The complex design draws you in as you focus on the forward extrusion then the bending at the top drawing you down to the bottom where the flame torched copper in-lay is. This water feature does not wait in a warehouse waiting to be purchased, rather it is fabricated to order here in the USA one at a time with care just for you. As it is made to order you can take the liberty in modifying its overall dimension to fit that perfect position in your house or office.

The Pharaoh II is artistically framed in our rich toned Raja Multicolored hand-cut slate with flame torched copper in-lay top and bottom using a standard mirror as its water surface. Each water fountain is completely unique in color, texture, and temperament. Prior to construction, each section of stone is chosen for its various different traits, which ensures that every feature is wholly unique. Following assembly, the stone is sealed with a satin finish which accentuates the strong colors and textures. The down lighting on this fountain has 5000 hour low profile festoon bulbs that bring beautiful color rendering, casting no hotspots of light, and is separately controlled from the pump. Complimenting the down lighting is dimmable up lighting (optional) that is also controlled separate from the down lights and pump.

Adding to the whole brilliance of this indoor waterfall it requires zero assembly and no studs. The straightforward up-over-down installation is a snap and the fact that you don't need to investigate for studs saves time and allows you to install it precisely where you would like it. Just mount the bracket, hang the feature and plug it in. This water feature is crafted one at a time in the USA and made to order. Each waterfall is tailored to the customer's needs and built individually by a single sculptor. To add to the overall brilliance of this fountain it arrives ready to go and requires no assembly. Order and we will put together a custom proposal complete with all the material options and specification sheets you need before production begins.


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Product Example
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Panel Material
(Click to enlarge / Mouseover to view description)
Silver MirrorEvergreen MirrorCopper MirrorBlue MirrorBlack GraphiteMidnight Black
Frame Material
(Click to enlarge / Mouseover to view description)
Midnight Black SlateAutumn SlateRajah Red SlateMulticolor SlateTravertine
Frame Style
(Click to enlarge / Mouseover to view description)
Framed Style Edgeless Style
  • On/off switch for the lights and water
  • Flame torched copper inlay
  • Natural slate and mirror
  • Indoor use only
  • Down-lighting
  • Wall mount
  • Upgrades
    • Up-lighting (+$125)
    • Custom sizing (please call fpr pricing)
    • Travertine, marble or granite (+$400)
  • Dimensions
    • 36" width x 48" height
  • Weight
    • Installed • 200 lbs
    • Shipping • 400 lbs
  • Beautiful natural materials
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • No assembly required
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-crafted
  • High quality
  • Made to order
  • Generally 8-12 weeks (the production time tends to vary due to the unique handmade nature of the waterfall)
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